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World Language - Adopted Materials

The following texts were selected as the world language adoptions for grades K-6. The materials were selected as a result of the Source Selection procedure and Materials Review, 2009. These materials, in conjunction with other resources, should be used to implement the updated World Language Standards.

Grade Title and Publisher
Kindergarten Comienzos, 2007-08: Comienzos; ISBN 1-58986-169- 8
Grade 1 Canciones, 2007-08: Pearson; 1-58986-725-1 Santillana USA
Grade 2 Animales, 1-59437-726-X, Santillana USA 2007-08
Grade 3 Personas, 1-59437-727-8, Santillana USA, 2007-08
Grade 4 Viajes, 1-59820-281-2, Santillana USA, 2007-08
Grade 5/6 Puentes, 1-59437-364-7, Santillana USA, 2007-08

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