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Gifted Education - Services


Once students are found eligible for gifted education services, the Gifted Review Committee decides on a minimum of two options for service delivery. These options vary from school to school and are based on student need, community and school resources, and district/school educational and instructional orientation. The parent(s) must agree to these service delivery options or they may choose to decline or appeal them. (All decisions, eligibility and service delivery, may be appealed to the school principal following standard administrative appeal procedures.) The program guide provides a comprehensive listing with explanation of the options for service delivery available across the system and at each level. Because service is individual-focused, there is no single format that meets the needs of every eligible student in DoDEA. Services will vary from student to student, school to school, and from level to level. DoDEA encourages teachers to consider concept development, problem based learning, reasoning development and the research model as appropriate models of instruction for eligible students.

In additional to specific services, the guide includes models of instruction and descriptions of instructional strategies that are appropriate for many gifted and high level learners and can be used in most classrooms. Differentiation of content, process and product is encouraged and supported in all classrooms and is very appropriate for eligible learners.

Gifted Education Program Guide Section II: Services

Teaching Models for Differentiation

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