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Health Education - Standards

The DoDEA Health Education standards are organized into seven strands. There are six standards in the first strand, Health Literacy Skills (HESK). HESK address skills that are for personal, family and community health enhancement. These standards teach essential and transferable skills that foster a healthy lifestyle.  These skills become the foundation that work as methods for a deeper understanding of the additional six strands. The standards in the HESK are consistent throughout all grade levels and are matched each instructional year with content standards as similarities are identified. The standards in the six remaining strands are:  Personal and Community Health (HE1); Safety and Injury Prevention (HE2); Nutrition and Physical Activity (HE3); Mental Health (HE4); Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (HE5); Family Life and Human Sexuality HE6) progressively change through the grade levels. The standards by Grade Levels are:

Grade 4
Grade 3
Grade 2
Grade 1

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