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Host Nation Studies - Standards

Standards for the Host Nation Program

Students will use the language of the host nation to speak and respond to simple questions and directions on familiar topics with level-appropriate fluency, identify cultural characteristics and important people, holidays and geographical areas.

Standard I: Language acquisition across the K-6 programs follows the same standard and builds upon previous knowledge in order to integrate, extend, refine and apply skills.

The student will use the host nation language in familiar situations to enhance oral communication skills and vocabulary development.

Standard II: The cultural components differ for each grade level in congruence with social studies themes and incorporate other subjects and topics at age appropriate levels.

  • Kindergarten: You and I The student will explore the theme of "You and I" for self, school, and host nation friends
  • First Grade: Your Family and Mine The student will perceive distinctions of host nation families, homes and communities as well as similarities.
  • Second Grade: Your Neighborhood and Mine The student will identify characteristics, resources and rules of the host nation neighborhood.
  • Third Grade: Your Community and Mine The student will identify characteristics, resources, lifestyles and rules of the host nation communities.
  • Fourth Grade: Your Region and Mine The student will identify characteristics, resources and rules of the host region.
  • Fifth Grade: Your Country and Mine The student will compare and contrast American and host nation characteristics from geographical, historical, social and economic perspectives.
  • Sixth Grade: Your World and Mine The student will identify people's interdependence in an ever-changing world.

Current Content Standards

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