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Special Education - DoDEA Publications

The following publications have been developed by DoDEA Headquarters to provide school personnel, parents, and community resource personnel with an overview of special education and related services in DoDEA. Resources that are available include, a handbook for parents, and a series of ten (10) brochures on topics related to special education services. Please feel free to download any document you find useful.

DoDEA Guidelines for Student Support Teams
The DoDEA handbook offers guidance on the development and implementation of Student Support Teams (SST). This handbook is intended to assist administrators and teachers when planning and operating the SST.
Inter-Component Operating Procedures for Overseas
Inter-Component Operating Procedures for the Overseas Provision of Medically Related Services and Transition to Preschool Services under the Individuals and with Disabilities Education Act and the Defense Dependents Education Act, as amended.
OCONUS Directory
OCONUS Directory is intended to assist the medical and educational assignment coordinators to identify those military communities outside the continental United States (OCONUS) with pre-established programs for children with special education needs. The Directory does not identify pre-established programs or services for special medical needs.
Parents Handbook on Special Education
This publication is intended for parents of DoDEA students receiving special education and related services in DoDEA's schools. Hyperlinks are provided for cited references throughout the document. For additional information, please contact your local DoDEA school.
Special Education Glossary
An alphabetical list of terms or words found in relating to Special Education.

Special Education "Related Topics" Brochures

These series of brochures cover a range of topics related to special education and related services in DoDEA and Educational Developmental Intervention Service (EDIS). This information may be used by parents, school personnel, and community personnel. Hyperlinks are provided for cited references throughout the documents. For additional information on these topics, please contact your local DoDEA school.

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Contact Information:

DoDEA Special Education Coordinator
4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria VA 22350-1400