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Apple Day treat for FRPS students

Special to the Sun-Courier

The Southeast Sun
Fort Rucker | September 25, 2013

Fort Rucker Primary School pre-K students celebrated Apple Day, Sept. 25.

Students participated in five developmentally appropriate, hands-on centers with activities involving apples.Each center reinforced a different topic including math, science, fine motor, gross motor balance and social and language skills.

The students also learned the different parts of apples, made apple pattern hats, tasted apples, decorated cookies, balanced stuffed apples while walking on a balance beam, sang apple songs and recited apple poems.

Parents and families joined in as they helped with the center rotations for this fun, fall activity.

Pictured, is parent Dana Marta assisting students, from left, Adrian Cunningham, Madison McPherson and Conner Cook with making apple pattern hats. 

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