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For pride and turkey: Dahlgren School Jingle Jog

by Andrew Revelos
Dahlgren, VA | December 13, 2013

They’re off!  Second and third graders start their half mile race.

They’re off! Second and third graders start their half mile race. | Photo: Andrew Revelos

Teachers, administrators, parents and students gathered at Dahlgren School on Dec. 5 for the Jingle Jog race. The event took the place of the previously-scheduled Drumstick Dash, which was canceled due to inclement weather. The race was part of Dahlgren School’s celebration of the Month of the Military Family in November. Students ran one-sixth of a mile, to one full mile, depending on their age group. The atmosphere was festive, supportive and at the same time, highly-competitive.

“Welcome to the Jingle Jog,” Joseph Plato, physical education teacher at Dahlgren School, told students and parents. “We are still celebrating the Month of the Military Family. We wanted to let you guys know that we do understand how tough it is to be part of the military family. You guys do special things that a normal family doesn’t; I grew up as a military child as well so I understand, and our teachers understand. We just wanted to thank you and show our commitment to your children’s education.”

Plato thanked Margie Stevens, a contractor assigned to the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division Corporate Communications Office and a Dahlgren School alum, and Friends of Dahlgren School, for providing prizes. “I wanted to give special thanks to Margie Stevens and Friends of Dahlgren School for ten turkeys, plus gift cards for second place,” he said.

After some adorable warm-up exercises, the race kicked off with a speedy heat of pre-kindergarten students. The contestants quickly completed the one-sixth mile, encouraged by parents, teachers and fellow students.

Young Angel won the boy’s portion of the pre-kindergarten category. His secret? “I ate vegetables,” he explained.

Pre-kindergarten student Sunnie finished first among the girls and cited similar race preparations. “I ate a bunch of fruit,” she said. “I did it all by myself.”

Sunnie’s mom, Patricia Brown, said she appreciated the inclusiveness cultivated by the event and others like it at Dahlgren School. “It encourages [the students] because all of them get to participate,” she said. “This is like a family here on base and everyone wants to be included.”

The Brown family had big plans for Sunnie’s prize turkey. “I don’t know if we can hold out until Christmas,” said Patricia. “I think we might have to do something a little bit before; we’re probably going to get started on it right away. Sunnie is proud to bring home that turkey. She had her turkey face on last night. She told me ‘Momma I’m going to win.’ She’s been preparing.”

Sunnie proudly clinched her fist and demonstrated her turkey face for the photographer. Her expression was one part fierce competitor and one part unadulterated cuteness.

The first place finisher in the middle school boys’ category was Kaleb, whose time was an impressive six minutes, 42 seconds. Running at other school activities helped him improve his performance. “From running the mile [at Dahlgren School], I’ve become a little bit quicker and I kept my pace up,” he said. “I just keep my eyes ahead.”

Kaleb offered some simple advice for others who want to improve their running. “Just keep at it,” he said.

Swanson added that it felt “good” to bring home a turkey for his family and he planned to enjoy his bird on Christmas Day.

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