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Fort Campbell -- School Board seeks candidates for Fall


Fort Campbell Courier
Fort Campbell, KY | June 6, 2013

  As per DoD Instruction 1342.25, the Fort Campbell Schools have an elected school board which functions in an advisory capacity to the Superintendent.  Members of the board serve two-year terms with unlimited consecutive terms. 
  To run for a position on the school board, an individual must reside on the military installation and may not be a DDESS employee. Additionally, the candidate must live in the housing area he/she seeks to represent. 
  The following districts will be seeking candidates to participate in the School Board election this fall: District 1 – Lee Park; District 2 – Pierce VIlage; District 3 – Taylor Village, McAuliffe Park, LaPointe; District 7 – Hammond Heights; District 8 – New Hammond Heights, Barker Court, Summers Park, Zahn Park; District 9 – Woodlands. 
  If you would like to run for the school board, you may pick up and return a nominating petition at your child's school or at the central office during normal business hours.  The petition requires one signature from a person residing in the same voting district.   The petition must be filed by June 28. 
  The school board election will be held this fall during Open House events in the Fort Campbell schools. Parents will be notified of the specific dates and times prior to the election. Voters elect a representative from their district or housing area.  For example, those living in District 1 (Lee Park) vote only for candidates from District 1.

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