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Graduating Identical Twins Headed to Separate Army Units

Cody and Cassidy leave for basic training June 11th.
Fort Campbell KY | May 18, 2012

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.- While graduates across the mid-state are collecting their diplomas, and moving into the next chapter of their lives, for two identical twins at Fort Campbell High School that next chapter involves serving their country.

When Cody and Cassidy Busbin walked across Friday night they began a journey that could take them apart for the first time in their lives. The eighteen-year-old twins have done everything together, so its not surprising they decided to join the Army together.

"Dads in it, older brother is in it. It's just a family tradition, history," said Cody Busbin

"Since I was 3 I always wanted to join the army," said Cassidy Busbin

When they took the first step towards that goal one after another their biggest supporters, parents Beth and Ronald cheered them on.

"They are the youngest of four kids, so it's kind of bittersweet," said the twins mother Beth Busbin.

Busbin's husband is in the Army, but she said she doesn't worry as much about him overseas.

"With my husband I don't worry because he can take care of himself, but no matter how old my boys get, they are still my boys," she said.

In a sea of blue these two men are destined for a bright future. It's a decision that made their parents proud.

"I love the military, I am proud I am able to do my part, I'm honored, and proud my kids chose that route," said the boy's father Ronald Busbin.

Cody and Cassidy leave for basic training June 11th.

They are heading to Fort Jackson South Carolina. After that they plan to head to different colleges.

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