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Fort Campbell -- Barsanti clowns around for Oklahoma

by Heather Clark, Courier Staff

Fort Campbell Courier
Fort Campbell, KY | May 30, 2013

  For a child in elementary school, few days compare to field day – that one perfect afternoon when fun and games are the only items on the curriculum, and the sunshine puts teachers and students in mind of the light at the end of the tunnel that is the academic year. 
  As faculty and Parent Teacher Organization members of Barsanti Elementary School began preparations for their own field day, the nation was shocked to learn about a series of tornadoes that devastated parts of Oklahoma City May 19 – including two elementary schools. 
  Following the tragic news, the PTO sprang into action. Member Monica Annel made the initial suggestion that all proceeds collected from selling field day concessions be donated via Red Cross to benefit the victims of the terrible storms. 
  "We decided to put it up the board and discuss it with the principal," said Rebecca Santos, vice president of the Barsanti PTO. "They were on board with it, and everybody's been enthusiastic about it."

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