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Operation Combat Summer Slide

Bowley Elementary School

Bowley Elementary
Fort Bragg, NC | June 17, 2014

Dear Bowley Family,

We are looking for some willing soldiers to help combat the "summer slide". This is a term used to describe students forgetting what they have learned during the school year, over the summer months. We are only looking for willing partners in this battle. We want everyone to come back in the fall "ready."

We have developed a calendar for the 3 months of summer. Each day has reading, a math connection and activities. Each day you should read and do the math, but the activities are optional, although many are fun! Few of the activities require the internet or supplies.

Come and meet with teachers at the school on July 1, 2014 from 1100-1230 and August -4 from 1100-1230 to show what great work you've done (pictures welcomed).

In the fall, there will be a bulletin board celebrating those soldiers who stepped up to the challenge.

You can do any projects, any 20 days. They do not have to be in order. Twenty days gives you days that you may be out of town, sick or just taking a break.

Who is willing to step up to the challenge of this mission? Help combat the "summer slide"!


Bowley's Staff and Administration


Below are the Operation Combat Summer Slide Challenges for each grade level.

Challenge - Operation Combat Summer Slide

Grade - Kindergarten

Grade - First

Grade - Second

Grade - Third

Grade - Fourth & Fifth

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