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MathCounts State Competition 2013

DoDDS Europe
WIESBADEN, Germany | April 8, 2013

The 2013 DoDDS MATHCOUNTS State Competition was held in Wiesbaden on March 28, at the Youth Activities Teen Center.

"Mathletes" from both DoDDS Europe and DoDEA Pacific representing AFNORTH MS/HS, Ankara ES/MS, Aviano MS/HS, Landstuhl ES/MS, Osan MS, Ramtein MS, Robinson Barrack ES/MS, Schweinfurt ES/MS, eoul MS/HS, Spangdahlem MS, SHAPE MS/HS, Vicenza MS, and Yokota MS competed in this year's competition.

Gratitude is extended to Dana Jackson, Patti McNaughton, Jenna Mauriello, Lourdes Alonso, Matt Syarto, Ed Gravlin, Challice Rickard, Dianne Yoesting, Mary Leonhart, Faye Batey, George Sheldon, Legena Robert-Kpinkpin, Gloria Hajat, Maria Buchwald and Kevin Schiele for their assistance with conducting the DoDDS State MATHCOUNTS Competition.

Congratulations to the following teams and individuals.

Team Placements:

  • First Place - SHAPE Middle High School (Caleb Bavlnka, Samantha Diwa, Lizzie Hobbs and Matthew O'Connor: Coach: Gale Cannon)
  • Second Place - Ramstein MiddleSchool(Seiji Aponte,Miles Egger, Nijel McIntosh and Connor Settle: Coach: Mark Krevalis)
  • Third Place - Osan Middle School (Matthew Burbee, Anigha Collins, Jonas Knudsen and Young Park:Coach: Martha McIntyre)
  • Fourth Place- Landsthul ElementaryMiddle School (Patrick Baty, Henry Butler, Matthew Porritt and Victoria Roberts:Coach: Kara Stolee-Keifer)
  • Fifth Place - Spangdahlem Middle School (Brandon Boone, Christopher Egerstrom, Austin Fisher and Josher Quevedo: Coach: Diana Barks)
  • Sixth Place - Aviano Middle/High School (Nathan Huerta, Julia Market, Chadeya Miller and Monica Stevens: Coach: Alan Scharff)

Individual Placements:

  • First Place Christopher Egerstrom, Spangdahlem Middle School
  • Second Place - Caleb Bavlnka,SHAPE Middle High School
  • Third Place - Jonas Knudsen,OsanMiddleSchool
  • Fourth Place - Andrew Constable, Vicenza Middle School
  • Fifth Place - MatthewPorritt, Landstuhl Elementary Middle School
  • Sixth Place - MadelineGear, AFNORTH Middle High School

Unofficial Countdown Round:

  • First Place - Christopher Egerstrom,Spangdahlem Middle School
  • Second Place - MilesEgger,RamsteinMiddleSchool
    Third Place - AndrewConstable, Vicenza Middle School
    Fourth Place - Anuk Dayaprema,Vicenza Middle School

MATHCOUNTS is a national coaching and competition program designed to stimulate 6th through 8th grade students' interest and achievement in mathematics. Teachers and volunteers coach student mathletes beginningeach fall and continuing through the year. Participating schools select four students to compete as teams and individuals in Chapter meets that were held in February. The winning teams from each Chapter contest advanced to the DoDDS State Competition.

The Natioal MATHCOUNTS Competition will beheld at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel on May 9-12, in Washington D.C..

Representing DoDDS State will ea team composed of the four highest scoring individual finishers at the DoDDS State MATHCOUNTS Competition. 

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