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2015 Teacher of the Year

Mediterranean District Teacher of the Year

District Supt
Aviano, Italy | March 15, 2014

Kristina Munoz, Third Grade Teacher at Aviano Elementary School

Kristina Munoz, Third Grade Teacher at Aviano Elementary School | Photo: School Photographer

Teacher of the Year for Mediterranean District, DoDEA Europe
Aviano Elementary School, Aviano Air Force Base, Aviano, Italy

As Superintendent of the Mediterranean District,I am proudto announceKristina Munoz, ThirdGrade teacher at Aviano Elementary School,as our selection for the 2015 Mediterranean Teacher of the Year.She is an ambitious teacher who believesthat all students deserve the right to learn in a caring, respectful andchallenging environment. Ms. Munoz felt called to teach at an early age. Sheplayed school as a child and began babysitting at thirteen to earn money forcollege. She stems from a long line of educators as her great grandfather, hergrandmother, and her mother were all teachers. Ms.Munoz believes all studentsdeserve the right to lean in a caring, respectful and challenging environment,which can be observed daily in her classroom. She holds her student to highexpectations and finds joy in watching her students make connections betweenlife and learning. She has never regretted her life-long dream to make adifference in the lives of her students, to challenge and motivatethem, and to instill them with the joy oflearning.

Ms. Munoz has been teaching for 13 years, 9 of which havebeen servingDoDEA students.Prior to coming to DoDEA, Ms. Munoz taught inGeorgia and Kansas.She is a graduate ofthe University of Georgia, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree inEarly Childhood Education.She alsoearned a Master of Science degree from the University of Kansas in Curriculumand Instruction.Ms. Munoz has held manyschool level leadership positions to include: Grade Level Chairperson,Curriculum Implementation Facilitator, Math Cadre Facilitator, Scholastic RedCoordinator,Master Teacher for UniversityStudents, and Local Vice President for the Overseas Federation of Teachers(Sigonella Chapter).

Ms. Munoz is well respected by students, parents, andcolleagues.She strives to improve theteaching and learning environment in the DoDEA Educational System in an effortto meet the needs of all students.DataDriven decision making is essential to facilitate learning in the 21stCentury.Ms. Munoz has a data drivenclassroom whereby on a daily basis she collects data for the purpose ofinforming and guiding her instruction and supporting her students.As she advocates for her students, sheconstantly looks for ways to reach all students as she differentiates herinstruction.The classroom that shecreates is one of care and kindness.Itis evident that she has a deep concernfor each of her students.Ms.Munoz is an inspiration to the learning community.

Ms. Munoz resides in Aviano, Italy with her husbandDerwin and their son Draeden.She willadvance to the next phase, DoDEA Teacher of The Year, where she will competewith teachers from the other 13 DoDEA Districts.We wish her all the best on her journey toNational Teacher of The Year!

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