• Drama Club
    Eligibility: 4th - 6th grade
    Brief Description: The purpose of drama club is to give students the opportunity to perform - act, sing, dance - on stage in front of an audience. It builds confidence in public speaking, acting, creating, and working cooperatively with a group.
    Meeting Time: 1430-1530 on Tues. & additional days in April (Jan. 13 - April 23)

  • Health & Fitness Club
    Eligibility: 4th-6th
    Brief Description: Promote fitness and health through physical exercise
    Meeting Time: 1430-1530 on Mon., Tues. & Thurs. (club completed)

  • Homework Club
    Eligibility: 3rd-6th
    Brief Description: Assist students with understanding and completing homework assignments
    Meeting Time:  1430-1530 on Mon.-Thurs. (Note:  In the event of a staff meeting, Homework Club will be canceled.)

  • Krafty Kids Club
    Eligibility: K-6th (depending on the craft)
    Brief Description: Origami, needlecraft, tie dying, weaving, and other crafts
    Meeting Time: 1430-1530 all year, various days
    Additional Info:  Permission forms will be distributed to students in the appropriate grades, one week prior to each activity.

  • Math Game Club
    Eligibility: 1st-3rd
    Brief Description: utilize games to practice mathematical computation, promote problem-solving strategies and provide reasoning through mathematical representations
    Meeting Time: 1415-1500 on Mon.

  • Percussion Club
    Eligibility: 3rd-6th
    Brief Description: Students will learn basic rhythm and sticking patterns.         Students will play many instruments in the percussion family, and learn how to use these instruments to work together to make music.
    Meeting Time: 1430-1600 on Mon.

  • STEM Club
    Eligibility: 5th-6th grade
    Brief Description: investigating through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to solve real world problems using the Scientific Method
    Meeting Time:  1430-1530 on Thurs. (Feb. 19 to May 19)

  • Student Council Club
    Brief Description: The purpose of student council is to develop leadership skills and to practice good citizenship, promote harmonious relations throughout the school.
    Meeting Time: dates are ongoing throughout the school year

Ansbach Community Schools

Ansbach Community Schools

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

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