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The Information Specialist selects and organizes multimedia materials to supplement the classroom teacher's instructional program. Lessons and story times are a regular part of the school year activities. The information center also uses technology for research projects.

For more information on the DoDEA Information Centers, as well as, resources and publications for parents please visit the DoDEA HQ Information Center site.

The purpose of the Information/Media Center is to support the entire school curriculum and to reflect the philosophy, goals, and objectives of Illesheim Elementary School. The Information Center provides support in intellectual and physical access to information as well as provides students opportunities to expand their world by using various media and technology resources.

All students, parents and faculty have access to the Information/Media Center. Students may go to the Media Center alone or in small groups.  Teachers may arrange to bring their classes for special research projects.


Online Databases:


Library Catalog



MackinVIA is a program that makes it easy to access eBooks and a variety of educational research databases.



EBSCO provides a complete and optimized list of research databases to maximize the search experience for researchers and other end users.


 GALE is an online portal to elementary resource - Kids information bits, Opposing Viewpoints, Science in Context, Student Resources in Context, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Junior Reference Collection, National Geographic for Kids.  


Ansbach Community Schools

Ansbach Community Schools

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

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