School Handbook

Our school handbook provides information and guidance about school policies, procedures, and programs. You may download the full document in PDF format to read offline.

Arrival/ Dismissal Procedures:

There is no adult supervision before 7:45. Students who ride the bus arrive at 7:50. The tardy bell rings at 8:00. Children that walk to school must arrive no later than 7:55. During inclement weather, students will be allowed access to the school’s gym where they will wait in their assigned lines. Students are dismissed at 2:15. The main office is open from 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

DAILY SCHEDULE - Monday-Friday

  • 0750 Arrival and Line Up
  • 0755 First Bell
  • 0800 Tardy Bell
  • Lunch Recess
  • KN 1105-1130
  • 1st 1110-1135 1135-1150
  • 2nd 1115-1145 1145-1205
  • 3rd 1120-1145 1145-1205
  • 4th-6th 1150-1215 1215-1235
  • 1415 Dismissal

Attendance Policy:

The Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) educational program is organized on the assumption that students will attend school regularly and punctually. Regular attendance at school is critically important. When a child is absent unexcused from school without notification to the school, parents will be contacted. The purpose of this action is to ensure the safety of the child, establish patterns of good attendance, and to assure that students and their educational programs have an opportunity to be successful. Children who are Home Schooled and attend the school for specials must adhere to punctuality/attendance rules and must behave as responsible citizens.

Attendance is taken daily and entered in the computer. DoDEA Headquarters’ Office extracts this database periodically throughout the year. After any absence, DoDEA requires a signed, written note from the parent of a child in order to consider the absence “excused.” Without a note from the parent, the child’s absence is recorded as “unexcused” by DoDDS regulation. The following kinds of absences are excusable:

  • -Illness of or injury to the student
  • -Family emergencies such as severe illness, injury, or death
  • -Medical or dental appointments (Parents are encouraged to schedule after school hours if possible)
  • -School sponsored study trips
  • -Block leave and R&R (Parents are encouraged to schedule trips outside of normal school times)
  • -Meeting religious obligations

Please notify the school when your child(ren) will be absent. You may send a note to the teacher if you know ahead of time. If the absence is unexpected, then we ask that you call the office that morning before 9:00 at DSN: 467-4631/4731 or CIV: 09841-834-631/731. For more information on the DoDEA Attendance Policy, please read the DoDEA Attendance page.


Tiger Tales is a monthly parent newsletter which contains messages from the principal, upcoming events, and other important school related facts and issues.

Each teacher provides the parents with a monthly newsletter.

A Parent Daily Bulletin is e-mailed 3 times a week.

Dress Code:

The school is a place of business and dress at the school should reflect that purpose. The dress must assure the health, welfare, and safety of the students.

Students are expected to report to school neatly groomed and dressed in clothing that is appropriate for the activities in which they will be participating in on any given day. Revealing clothing, short shorts, halter tops, strapless dresses, bare midriff tops, short skirts, low rise pants, or any other garment that reveals undergarments are not appropriate wear for school. Girls may wear shorts that are no shorter than fingertip length. Baggy pants, worn without a belt, are not permitted because the student cannot walk or run freely while maintaining good balance. Shower shoes, flip-flops, spiked heels, skate shoes (such as Heelys), and any other shoes that could be considered unsafe when worn in the school environments (i.e. P.E., recess, stairs, etc.) are also considered inappropriate. Clothing that containing inappropriate pictures, logos, or make reference to sexual harassment, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons are inappropriate for school and may not be worn. Hats or head coverings are not authorized in the classrooms or assembly area. Final Decisions on the appropriateness of garments will be made by the administration.

Students who dress inappropriately will be counseled by the principal and then sent home to change clothes.

Newcomers to Germany should note that the weather is cold, damp, rainy and windy. Please try to adjust wardrobes to reflect this kind of weather, especially since students will be outside for recess and physical education activities.

Electronic Devices:

Students are not to bring I-Pods, I-Pads, tablets, cell phones, electronic games, or similar devices to school or to school activities. Poke’mon, Dige’mon, and other tradable cards are not to be brought to school. Any item that is being disruptive to the learning environment will be collected by the teacher and held for a parent to pick up.

Expensive articles should not be brought to school. We cannot be responsible for such items or for money a child brings to school.

Student Conduct/ Discipline:

It is the policy of DoDDS schools that discipline be maintained consistently and appropriately. We encourage students to grow in self-control, develop a sense of regard for fellow students, and to have pride in their school community. Students have the responsibility for conducting themselves in a manner that does not violate the rights of other people. They share with the principal and teachers the responsibility of developing a climate within the school that is conducive to productive learning.

At Illesheim Elementary School, we believe that a safe environment, free from the disruptive behavior of others, is the right of each student and is necessary for effective teaching and learning. We also believe that it is important that discipline is not only fair, but also perceived by the children to be fair. To this end, the principal, counselor and/or teacher will interview the child(ren) accused of breaking a school rule and any witness(es); the child may ask for others to be interviewed to provide information. We do our best to ensure that we gather all of the information to get the whole story. All circumstances are considered before giving consequences or calling parents. Consequences range from talking to the principal to calling the parents, to missing recess, etc. to suspension or expulsion. We will do our best to match consequences with the misbehavior, the age of the child, and all other individual information. To help children avoid behavior problems, all teachers practice pro-active/positive discipline.

Positive attitudes on the part of the students play a major role in planning and carrying out worthwhile school activities. Every effort will be made in the learning process to build students’ self-esteem and a feeling of adequacy in order to gain maximum emotional, social, and intellectual growth and development. Team spirit on the part of the parents provides the support and encouragement the classroom teacher needs to gain good rapport with the students. When parents support the school, the students normally support and cooperate with their classroom teachers. When teachers receive parental backing, students respond much more positively to school policies and procedures.

Students and parents must be responsible for properly maintaining the textbooks and equipment used by students, for respecting property, for obeying school rules, and for accepting reasonable and appropriate consequences if their responsibilities are not fulfilled. Every effort will be made to help a child who fails to make a satisfactory adjustment to school. Parents will be informed, and teacher conferences will be held with them. However, more serious action will be taken if a pupil persistently violates school rules or commits a serious breach of conduct.

We, the administration and staff of Illesheim Elementary School, believe that every student will get the best education possible if:
  • Students come to school prepared to participate in the learning activities
  • Students respect the teachers
  • Teachers respect students
  • Teachers communicate often with parents
  • Parents communicate with the teachers and principal
  • Parents see that students get adequate rest and nutrition
  • The principal facilitates the educational program and supports the teachers

Homework Policy:

At Illesheim Elementary School many educational approaches are used to assist the students in their learning. The assigning and reviewing of homework is an integral tool used by the teachers in the educational process. Homework assignments are carefully selected to supplement the instruction provided to students in the classroom. The amount of the assignment is carefully considered when teachers design homework assignments. The quality of homework cannot be measured by the time required for its completion since different students will spend different amounts of time to complete the same assignment. The quality however is considered to be more important than quantity. Successful at-home completion of these assignments reinforces the concepts taught in the classroom and allows the teacher to evaluate student progress in the learning process. Parental support for the value of homework and monitoring the completion of it is essential for student success.

  • To encourage the student to be self- disciplined, independent, and responsibility.
  • To increase the student’s academic achievement.
  • To reinforce and supplement the curriculum.
  • To reinforce skills and material learned in class.
  • To prepare students for upcoming class topics.
  • To teach students to work independently.
  • To aid in evaluating student progress.

Students are expected to meet the following guidelines when completing homework assignments:

Complete all homework assignments; do homework on their own and to the best of their ability; turn in work that is neatly done; turn in homework on time; and be responsible for making up homework assignments missed due to excused absences.


We believe homework is important because it is a valuable aid in helping students to make the most of their experience in school.

We believe homework can be a valuable learning experience if teachers, students and parents are all involved in seeing that homework is successfully completed.

Suggested Time: Students in grades K-6 should expect to have homework Monday-Thursday.

Generally, students are expected to spend more time on homework as their grade level increases.

  • 5 minutes per night
  • 1st grade - 10 minutes per night
  • 2nd grade - 20 minutes per night
  • 3rd grade - 30 minutes per night
  • 4th grade - 40 minutes per night
  • 5th grade - 50 minutes per night
  • 6th grade - 60 minutes per night
Teachers will:
  • Identify the degree to which homework affects the determinations of a student’s grade.
  • Provide clear, concise directions for completion of homework assignments.
  • Check homework assignments for completeness and mastery of concepts as appropriate to the nature of the assignment.
  • Evaluate, review, and return homework in a timely manner.
  • Periodically discuss with students and their parents the student’s academic progress, including performance on homework assignments. From Para F, 4. DS Admin Inst. 2000.8

At Illesheim Elementary School, we believe that parents are key to making homework a positive experience for their children. We are asking parents to make homework a top priority by doing the following:

  • Provide necessary supplies to complete assignments.
  • Set a daily homework time and provide a quiet environment during that time.
  • Provide a study area to complete homework assignments.
  • Offer assistance when necessary.
  • Provide praise and support.
  • Check to see that homework is completed and contact the teacher if there appears to be a problem.

Visitor Procedures:

You are encouraged to visit your child’s classroom and your school. It is requested that, as a courtesy, you notify the teacher or staff member in advance of any visit. To minimize class disruption and loss of valuable learning time, discussions with the teacher during class time should be avoided except for urgent emergency situations. Teachers will be happy to schedule conferences during their free time. If a parent is volunteering please be aware that the younger sibling(s) may not accompany you during school operating hours.


You will be issued a pass that is to be worn prominently and returned to the office on departure from the school. Students wishing to bring a visitor should receive permission from their teachers the day before the visit. The visitor should be brought to the office first before going to a class.

Parents are requested not to take lunch money or lunches, permission forms, or homework directly to the classroom until you have signed in to get a visitor’s pass at the front office.

Ansbach Community Schools

Ansbach Community Schools

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

Ansbach Community Schools

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.