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Early History of Storck Barracks

Storck Barracks is named in honor of Colonel Louis B. Storck, U.S. Army. Colonel Storck served as Executive Officer for the 4th Armored Division, Commander of Combat Command A and 37th Armored Regiment, as well as, the S-3 and Commander of the Tank Destroyer Battalion during World War II. Colonel Storck was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for his gallantry in action near Raids, France from July 17th through the 25th, 1944.

The 425 acre "Luft Park" that eventually became Storck Barracks came into being in 1936 for utilization by the German Air Force. It was first used as a supply, maintenance and repair facility for the Luftwaffe. The Castle Berlichingen in the village of Illesheim was used as headquarters. In the same year a Bahnhof and Post Office were built. Between the time of its construction in 1936 and the fall of the Nazi government was the airfield used only twice by fighter aircraft. For 10 months in 1942 the Edelweiss Squadron underwent transition training from the U88 to the Messerschmidt 410 before being assigned to the Western Front. In 1943 it housed a night fighter squadron flying ME410's against Allied Bombers out of England.

In early April, 1945, the German soldiers left the airfield taking with them everything that could be transported. On April 13th the 101st Calvary Group, U.S. Army captured Illesheim. U.S. Air Force used the airfield as a base against Nazi Germany from April to May of 1945.

Since 1947 there has been a succession of U.S. units with a variety of missions stationed at Illesheim. In the late 50's and early 60's new troop billets, a dining facility and family housing were constructed. Major renovations occurred in 1973. In 1985-1987 the Flight Simulator was constructed.

For Ansbach Garrison history information visit their website.

Living Overseas

Storck Barracks is fortunate that it has a variety of base facilities to accommodate shopping and health care needs. Most facilities are stand alone to the Illesheim community. However, some that are not, share their responsibilities with the USAG Ansbach community, requiring that schedules are augmented to accommodate the largest population of users.

Additional Information

School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is an elected group of parents and professional school employees. The SAC advises the principal on matters within the jurisdiction of the school and DoDDS.

Matters addressed may include: school policies, instructional programs, pupil services, and student standards of conduct and discipline . Community matters which the IAC (Installation Advisory Committee) may address include: maintenance, safety, security, transportation, and administrative and logistical support services provided by the installation commander.

Illesheim Elementary PTSA

Illesheim Elementary School PTSA welcomes you to the 2013-2014 School Year

  • Dues Per Person: $7 - one year membership
  • Dues Per Family: $20 - one year membership
Membership Includes:

$1 off PTSA hosted dinners during school events and up-to-date information about school activities involving your children. ($3.75 also goes directly to the National PTSA payable to the European PTSA.)

Meetings – 2nd Thursday of every month at 1430. Some months subject to change. All members welcome! Please bring us new and exciting ideas or help support existing projects!

Members will receive discounts and incentives throughout the year if you have a membership. Most importantly, you will be part of a team…a community! We will enrich the school environment by supporting the staff, faculty and the children's education. This is done by supplementing the schools budget through fundraisers and events.

PTSA provides to following to children of IES: School Photos, Yearbooks, Agendas for 4-6 grades, Online resources like Brain Pop, Raz Kids and Spell City, the Spelling Bee, Book Fairs, Spring Carnival and pre-order school supply boxes amount so many other enrichments to make your child's elementary experience as rich a possible.

School Volunteering Opportunities

Parents volunteers are used in many of the classrooms and in the Information Center. Parents come to read to and with students and help in many other ways. Please contact your child's teacher or the school office at 011-49-9841-83731 if you are interested in volunteering at IES.

Illesheim ES
School Volunteering Opportunities

Phone: 011-49-9841-83731

Illesheim ES

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It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

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