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Get Involved!

Parent Volunteers

The best way to become involved with the school is to volunteer. There is an unlimited need for help. If you are interested in being a parent volunteer, please stop by the front office to complete all necessary paperwork or get more information. You will have to go through a standard on post background check before you are allowed to volunteer at the school. You will also need to log on to Army OneSource and register your daily minutes/hours as well. The website has various positions posted for you to choose from.

Congress established School Advisory Councils to provide a forum where school representatives and concerned community members may discuss issues and policies affecting students and their school environment. The SAC may make recommendations and advise the principal on all matters within the jurisdiction of the SAC. These include:
  1. school policies toward students and parents, student activities, and administrative procedures affecting the school
  2. instructional programs and educational resources within the school
  3. allocation of resources within the school to achieve educational goals
  4. pupil services
  5. student standards of conduct and discipline
  6. policies and standards of the dependents’ education system related to the above.

Meetings: SAC usually meets four times a year at Illesheim Elementary School in room 114. Agenda items are due two weeks prior to each SAC meeting. You may address agenda items to any SAC representative or you may submit them to the office. We encourage your support and hope to see you at our meetings. The SAC Committee is an elected body. Volunteers for the position are solicited.

  • SAC is an issue-oriented forum. PTSA is service oriented.
  • SAC does not raise money. PTSA supports our school through fund- raising activities.
  • SAC supports all PTSA activities. PTSA supports SAC activities.


The PTSA is an active organization that has a major impact on the school. The organization has raised large amounts of money to support various school programs such as field day snacks, physical education equipment, spelling bee, and purchase of technology supplies, after-school sports and the talent show. The PTSA also has a number of social events, which many community members attend.

Illesheim ES

Illesheim ES

CMR 416 Box-J
APO, AE 09140-0005

Phone: 011-49-9841-83-4631/731
Fax: 011-49-9841-83-4260

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

DSN: 314-485-7587/9
Local: 0678-36-7587/9
Fax: 06783-8874

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