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Dear Parents,

Welcome to Illesheim Elementary School. I would like to introduce myself. I am Audrey Griffin, Principal for grades Sure Start to 6th. I am looking forward to working with you and your children this year. Each family will receive a copy of the Parent Handbook, which is also accessible on the school’s website.  Please visit the school website calendar or the Ansbach Community Schools Facebook page to find out additional information about school events.

As a staff, we believe that open communication is important in order to guarantee a successful school year for your child/children. Parents are welcome and encouraged to become active members of the Parent, Teacher, and Student Association (PTSA). The PTSA supports a variety of school activities that enrich our school’s programs.

Illesheim Elementary School also has a School Advisory Committee (SAC) which is comprised of parents and teachers who work with the Administrator to help identify and take care of issues before they become a problem. The SAC works closely with the Principal on issues such as curriculum, bus service, dress code, etc.

The school’s newsletter, Tiger Tales, will be published monthly and posted on the school’s web page. The school also has a Parent Bulletin that will be e-mailed to parents three times a week. I recommend providing your e-mail addresses to the School Registrar so that you are well informed of what is happening on a day to day basis. Illesheim Elementary School has an open door policy and we encourage all parents to come and visit their child’s/children’s classes and volunteer throughout the school year.

The Mission of Illesheim Elementary School is: Educate, engage, and empower every student to succeed in a dynamic world.. The Vision of Illesheim Elementary School is: To foster learning communities committed to success for all students in a caring environment.

Illesheim Elementary school has two Continuous School Improvement (CSI) Goals:

Goal 1: By 2015, all students will improve writing proficiency across the curriculum using 6+1 Writing Traits as measured by the Terra Nova 3, local writing prompt, and English Language Arts assessment.

Goal 2: By 2016, all students will improve their ability to problem solve across the curriculum by identifying problems, selecting effective strategies, and communicating solutions as measured by the Terra Nova 3, Math curriculum end of the year test, and local problem solving assessment.

Parents are invited to become active members of each CSI Committee. We value your input in making your child’s/children’s education a successful experience. Communication is key for continuous success. Please feel free to come by the school to visit your child’s/children’s classroom. Teachers will publish newsletters to keep you informed of all activities. I plan to have several parent forums this school year, so be on the look-out for announcements.

The staff and I are looking forward to planning a successful year with many challenging ideas for the students. Welcome to TEAM ILLESHEIM!!

Mrs. Audrey Griffin, Principal

Mrs. Audrey Griffin, Principal

Audrey Griffin was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Her husband is retired Air Force.  They have one son and a daughter-in-law who are both graduates of St Louis University. Audrey is proud to announce that she is the proud grandmother of eight-year-old. Audrey enjoys reading mystery books, science and listening to oldies music.

Audrey began her undergraduate work at Harris Teachers’ College and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Central Arkansas. She enrolled in the Master’s program and earned a Master's Degree as a Reading Improvement Specialist. Audrey also earned a Master's Degree in Administration from University of Oklahoma.

Audrey joined the Department of Defense in August of 1985. Her first teaching assignment was at Little Rissington, England. Audrey was the Compensatory Education Specialist for Reading and Mathematics, at Little Rissington where she also taught third grade. In 1989, Audrey transferred to Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany, where she taught fourth grade. She was only there a year due to base closure. She was transferred to Spangdahlem, Germany and once again taught third grade. Audrey was named Teacher of the Year for UK West in England 1988-1989 and ECAPTS Teacher of the Year 1992-1993.

Audrey was promoted to Assistant Principal of SHAPE Elementary School, Belgium in August of 1998.  She has worked with the staff and community to earn the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award for School Year 2000/2001. She was promoted to principal at AFNORTH International School in Brunssum, Netherlands in 2001. She worked with the International staff and students to earn high marks from the British OFSTED visit and the American NCA accreditation visit. During school year 2007/2008 she joined the staff at Argonner but was only there the one school year. Audrey worked with the staff at Argonner Elementary School to ensure a smooth closing for the students, parents, and staff. 

 Audrey was assigned to Illesheim Elementary School in August of 2008. She has worked closely with the staff to ensure Continuous School Improvement and the Accreditation through Advanced-Ed. Audrey continues to work with the staff to empower the students to Problem Solve and Write Across the Curriculum.  She continues to support teachers by allowing their creativity in providing Extra Curricular Programs for students.  Audrey believes in the Open Door Policy and parents are always welcome to volunteer at Illesheim ES.


Illesheim ES

Illesheim ES

CMR 416 Box-J
APO, AE 09140-0005

Phone: 011-49-9841-83-4631/731
Fax: 011-49-9841-83-4260

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

DSN: 314-485-7587/9
Local: 0678-36-7587/9
Fax: 06783-8874

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