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Team Building at Vilseck High School

Bavaria DSO
VILSECK, Germany | November 26, 2013

Team Building at the Vilseck High School

Team Building at the Vilseck High School | Photo: Graphics by the Bavaria DSO

Team Building at Vilseck High School Transcript

MAJ Sabala: Well the Leader’s Reaction Course was originally designed back in the late 1939s or early 1940s by the Germany Wehrmacht as an idea to teach leadership and initiative to its lower enlisted squad leaders. But each of the tasks is designed with a scenario that makes the people use initiative, critical thinking skills and puzzle solving, communication to try and solve the scenario they have within the conditions given. So it’s a different environment for most of the students because it also adds a physical element to it that they don’t necessarily see in the school environment.

Mr. Ritter: There’s cross age groups too. Kids are working together with other kids they don’t normally work with at school so it’s a good community process. And, like John said, I think they are going to be experiencing some things they don’t normally do at school and have to really use those critical thinking skills that you may not typically use on a typical Friday at school.

LT Diaz: This training right now is to build teamwork. We want them to do everything they can to cross the ammunition can, there’s a log, to the other side of the river. Why they do that? Because they have to think as a group and move as a group and a team to develop their skills to be able to accomplish every mission. And, this is not just for the military; it’s always good to work as a team in any profession that you are allowed to be part of. So doing this allows them, can you see it? , they are working as a team to put that log and everything. So they have to be a group and a team to be able to complete any mission. An individual will never be able to do that.

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