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Our Vision:

To prepare all students to make responsible decisions (Choose It), take ownership (Own It) of their learning, communicate (Say It) effectively, and be productive (Do It ) citizens of a diverse society.

Our Goals:

Goal 1: By 2017, all students will increase performance on targeted, fundamental math skills by 5% as measured by PSAT, TerraNova, and local assessments.

Strategy 1: (Common Strategy) Implement daily exposure to both the review and development of basic math skills
Strategy 2:Utilize and develop basic math skills within the context of assigned homework problems

Activity 1: Inclusion of basic math skills in class exercises
Activity 2:  Inclusion of basic math skills in "warm-up" exercises

Goal 2: By 2017, all students will increase vocabulary comprehension by 3% as measured by LAN testing, PSAT, TerraNova, and local assessments.

Strategy 1: (Common) Emphasize higher vocabulary comprehension across the curriculum
Strategy 2: Target and emphasize vocabulary in student reading

Activity 1: Utilize vocabulary charts to support studies in literature
Activity 2: Use vocabulary "quizlets" to check for comprehension and practice skills

Goal 3: By 2017, all students will improve supporting a thesis with evidence by 10% as measured by TerraNova, PSAT, US History Course test, and local assessments.
Strategy 1: (Common) Emphasize thesis writing across the curriculum
Strategy 2: Focus on categorizing evidence using "PERSIA"
Activity 1: Show examples of thesis writing
Activity 2: Conduct peer reviews of thesis warm-up activities, such as a quick-write on thesis statements
Goal 4: By 2017, all students will improve science organization by 5% as measured by TerraNova and local assessments.
Strategy 1: (Common) Utilize Cornell Notes, Mapping, and Venn diagrams to organize information.
Strategy 2: Formal lab write-ups using a rubric; informal questions after labs have been completed (i.e. conclusion and discussion)
Activity 1: Include experimental vocabulary while instructing and/or labs, i.e., control, independent and dependent, quantitative and qualitative data
Activity 2: Constructing and analyzing graphs and tables, lab write-ups and experiments
Goal 5: By 2017, all students will improve their academic achievement through individual involvement in scholastic and non-scholastic activities as measured by grade point averages, numbers of students involved in activities, and local assessments.
Strategy 1: (Common) Inform students of opportunities for extra-curricular activities
Strategy 2: (Common) Identify and share with students skills for leadership
Activity 1: Use the Panther Daily News to inform students of clubs activities, and organizations
Activity 2: Use the Student-2-Student (S2S) tables for all students
Activity 3: Involve more students in the CareFair

Stuttgart HS

Recent News

Stuttgart HS Biology Club sponsors Blood Drive

The Stuttgart HS Biology Club is collaborating with the Red Cross to host a blood drive on March 2, 2016, at the Panzer Fitness Center from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Read More...

Stuttgart plays grinch in Hohenfels

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but getting revenge is so delightful. A day after losing a heartbreaker in the final moments, the Hohenfels Tigers got a little yuletide payback Saturday, knocking off the Stuttgart Panthers, 44-36. Read More...

Young Stuttgart team shows no signs of slipping

Stuttgart’s legion of super sophomores was too much Saturday for rivals Kaiserslautern, Wiesbaden and Baumholder at an all-German marksmanship meet, the first of the 2015-16 season. Read More...

Stuttgart to try for a three-peat on the mats

The Stuttgart Panthers took over DODDS-Europe Division I athletics in the fall, claiming the school’s first-ever championships on both the gridiron and the volleyball courts. But the marksmanship ranges and wrestling mats of winter... Read More...

Volleyball European Athlete of the Year

The contributions Janey Greenberg makes in a volleyball match aren’t always obvious to the average fan. But the results couldn’t be any clearer. Read More...

Stuttgart HS

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