DoDEA Europe

Europe West District Office

DSN: 314-366-9925
Civ from U.S.: 32 (0) 2717-9925

Mailing Address:
Superintendent of Schools
Europe District West
Unit 21800 Box 26
APO AE 09714

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District Office Directory

Position Civ. Telephone DSN Telephone Email
Superintendent +32 (0) 2-7179921 DSN: 368-9921 Email
Community Superintendent +32 (0) 2-7179922DSN: 368-9922 Email
Chief of Staff +32 (0) 2-7179923DSN: 368-9923 Email
Secretary +32 (0) 2-7179925DSN: 368-9925
Special Education +44 (0) 1638-527237 DSN: 226-7237 Email
Facilities Engineer +44 (0) 1638-527651 DSN: 226-7651 Email
Labor/Employee Relations
DSN: 338-7374
Human Resources
DSN: 338-7373 Email
Logistics +44 (0) 1638-527223 DSN: 226-7223 Email
Safety & Security Officer +44 (0)1638 52 7224/7234
Transportation +44 (0)1638-527748 DSN: 226-7748 Email
DSN: 366-9934 Email

Your Feedback

DoDDS Europe works to provide avenues for your voice to be heard:

  1. We encourage parents to initially contact your child's teacher or school administrator directly with any questions.
  2. The School Advisory Committee (SAC) at your local level exists as the key place for you to make your ideas and concerns known. Contact your child's school for more information.
  3. Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)
    A link has been provided below for each school. This "comment card" system is managed by DISA but each submission comes to the DoDDS Europe Area Office for immediate review.
  4. Other groups that help advise DoDDS-E can be seen here >

The Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

To continue to improve DoDDS Europe uses the DoD managed ICE system to receive feedback. This customer response tool allows parents and sponsors to evaluate and rate the services we provide at DoDDS Europe schools. Your ratings are used to improve the services we work to make available to you. We look forward to your thoughtful feedback. Review the list below to find your DoDDS-E school or use the "map" links to the right.