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DSN: (314) 226-7234
Civ Local: 01638-527-234
Civ from U.S.: 011-44-1638-527-234
Civ Fax: 1638-527250

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Superintendent of Schools
Isles District
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APO, AE 09461-5400

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About the Isles District

DoDDS Europe Isles District


The DoDDS-Europe Isles District schools are located in some of the most picturesque and historical rural areas of the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Isles students and their parents, teachers, and staff also have fairly easy access to big cities like Brussels and London, and all that they offer in terms of museums and international flavor. The opportunities to learn about the rich history and culture of our host countries abound.


Mission Statement

Communities committed to success for ALL students!

Vision Statement

To provide an exemplary education that inspires and prepares all DoDEA students for success in a dynamic, global environment

Guiding Principals/Values/Goals

Strategic Plan

  • Goal 1: Highest Student Achievement
  • Goal 2: Performance-Driven, Efficient Management Systems
  • Goal 3: Motivated, High Performing, Diverse Workforce
  • Goal 4: Network of Partnerships Promoting Achievement


  • Number of schools: 15
  • Number of facilities: 15


Isles District Continuous School Improvement

District Mission

The Mission of the Isles District is to provide the best possible educational environment to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to be responsible and productive global citizens in the 21st Century

District Action Plan

The Isles District Action Plan is supportive of the DoDEA mission, the Community Strategic Plan, and the Isles District mission.

Teaching, Collecting and Using Data, and Continuous School Improvement

  • Coordinate the development and implementation of individual school profiles to facilitate continuous school improvement
  • Meaningful, needs-based staff development
  • Assist schools in choosing and monitoring rigorous instructional goals, researched based interventions, and best practice strategies
  • Support schools in standards-based instruction and implementations
  • Assist the schools in developing of local assessments, administration of systemwide assessments, and data review
  • Create a district wide improvement plan based on needs and principals' goals
  • Work with principals to develop and implement a focused, district wide Professional Development Plan matched to school goals
  • Infusion of technology into the curriculae and technology support
  • Maximize Pupil Personnel Services to support student success

Vision, Leadership, Governance, and School Community

  • Create and implement a district strategic plan for student achievement
  • Provide opportunities, support, and staff development for Administrator "Wanna-bes" and "Teacher Leaders"
  • Continue focused professional development based on researched strategies and interventions that will impact instructional change for principals and administrators and teachers
  • Include all assistant principals in all administrative conferences
  • Provide comprehensive leadership and support through mentoring and consultation with school leaders
  • Encourage schools to implement mentoring programs
  • Provide a simple, organized support system
  • Implement a meaningful communication system that includes all stakeholders

Resources and Allocation

  • Foster a safe educational environment that includes security enhancement, essential emergency resources, and program assistance to each school.
  • Coordinate security programs with schools and community.
  • Track, analyze and provide solutions for serious incidents.
  • Monitor life cycle phases of facilities programs.
  • Manage the maintenance repair services of schools.
  • Support the design and construction facilities program.
  • Maintain technology infrastructure and expand to meet both the educational, management and communication needs of the district
  • Provide support, coordination, and liaison services to staff and between agencies
  • Create a climate of collaborative budget review with school personnel and other related agencies in order to allocate and actively manage financial resources to maximize impact on students and school programs