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Welcome to the Community

Welcome to the Liberty Wing! RAF Lakenheath is located in Forest Heath District of Suffolk County in East Anglia, England. The base is about 80 miles northeast of London and about 25 miles northeast of Cambridge. The nearest towns are Lakenheath, with around 8,200 residents, and Brandon with around 8,800 residents. Both towns offer shopping, dining and leisure opportunities.   

Other nearby towns and cities nearby include Thetford, Bury St. Edmunds, Ipswich and Cambridge. RAF Mildenhall and Mildenhall village are approximately seven miles away. RAF Feltwell and the village of Feltwell are approximately eight miles away. The surrounding area is mostly flat with very few hills and is largely farmland with the wetlands (known as The Fens) to the north.  Click here to view a map of the area.

RAF Lakenheath Base Page
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RAF Mildenhall Base Page
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Newcomer's Guide
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48th Force Support Squadron

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Lakenheath ES

Lakenheath ES

Unit 5105
APO, AE 09461-5105

Phone: 011-44-1638-523721/53267
Fax: 011-44-1638-533943

DSN Phone: 226-3721/3674

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

DSN: 314-226-3721
Local: (+44) 1638-52-3721
Fax: (+44) 1638-533943

School Hours

8 a.m.-4 p.m. (Monday-Friday)

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