Baumholder MS/HS

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School Counseling Services

School counselors are strategically positioned to help students in developing strategies to deal with educational, personal, and social challenges that may interfere with the educational process. To respond to the challenges of the DoDEA Strategic Plan, DoDEA is implementing a Competency-Based Counseling Program (CBCP) under the authority of DS 2946.1 in all schools. To meet the needs of all students today and tomorrow, the CBCP provides a balance of direct and indirect services and activities.


Baumholder MS/HS
Guidance Counselor

Stateside: 011-49-6783-6
Local: 06783 66656
DSN: 485-6656

School Nurse

Stateside: 011-49-6783-
Local: 06783 66126
DSN: 485-6126

Psychology Services

Stateside: 011-49-6783
Local: 06783 68592
DSN: 485-8592

Baumholder MS/HS

Unit 23816
APO, AE 09034

Phone: 011-49-6783-67590
Fax: 011-49-6783-9116

DSN Phone: 485-7590/91

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.