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    Psychology Services

    We provide a range of services for the benefit of students and families.These consist of direct and indirect services that involve the entire educational system, including the students, families, teachers, counselors, administrators, other school personnel, community agencies, and a variety of others.The primary intent of school psychological services is to promote mental and physical wellness and facilitate learning of students.School Psychologists collaborate with administrators and other school personnel in designing and providing services to address the academic,career, and social/personal development of students.The core services of the school psychologist include:individual psychological counseling with students; group counseling/skill development; consultation with parents, school staff, and community agencies; participation on the Student Support Team which helps develop interventions for at-risk students; psychological/educational assessment; serving on the special education Case Study Committee and providing IEP services when needed; providing training activities to school staff and parents; and assisting with program development, research, and evaluation.

    Baumholder MS/HS
    Guidance Counselor

    Local: 06783-66656
    DSN: 485-6656

    School Nurse

    Stateside: 011-49-6783-6126
    Local: 06783-66126
    DSN: 485-6126

    Psychology Services

    Stateside: 011-49-6783-68592
    Local: 06783-68592
    DSN: 485-8592

    Baumholder MS/HS

    Unit 23816
    APO, AE 09034

    Phone: 011-49-6783-67590
    Fax: 011-49-6783-9116

    It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.