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    Special Education

    Teachers of the Learning Impaired provide instructions for children with special needs. Remedial programs are provided for children in grades kindergarten through twelfth to meet these individual differences. These programs supplement and support classroom instruction.

    For more information on the DoDEA SPED program as well as resources and publications for parents please visit the DoDEA HQ Sped site.


    Lending Library

    Our District has established an Assistive Technology Lending Library, consisting of specialized software and devices, Reference Books, Videos, and Assessment Instruments. The Lending Library was created to provide a variety of resource materials for use by special educators. Items found in the Lending Library are available for short-term loan to any school within the Kaiserslautern District.

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    Kaiserslautern ES

    Kaiserslautern ES

    Unit 3008
    APO, AE 09021

    Phone: 011-49-631-54589
    Fax: 011-49-631-58406

    It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

    DSN: 314-489-7075
    Local: +49 (0)631-54589
    Fax: +49 (0)631-58406

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