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Important Information

School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) and School Advisory Board (SAB) serve as forums in which questions or concerns raised by parents or teachers are discussed. The SAC includes parents and teachers who are elected to represent the community at large. The function of the SAC is to make recommendations and advise the principal on

  1. school policies, student activities, and administrative procedures
  2. instructional programs and educational resources within the school
  3. allocation of resources within the school to achieve educational goals
  4. administrative and logistical support services provided by the installation commander and applicable service commands
  5. policies and standards of the installation command and military services related to the above.

Neither the SAC nor the SAB addresses matters pertaining to personnel policies or practices, compensation of school staff, grievances or school employees, or internal management of DoDDS or their programs. If you have any questions or concerns about the school's curriculum or environment, give one of the SAC representatives a call (a list of current representatives is available in the office) or attend one of the SAC meetings.

Parent-Teacher-Student Organization  (PTSA)

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) is a non-profit organization made up of an Executive Board and General Members. The Executive Board consists of Elected Officers, the Chairs of all standing Committees, and Faculty Representatives. The PTSA's objectives are to supplement programs and events at Ramstein Middle School and the community, encourage the learning process and promote community unity on behalf of the school. The PTSA is behind such events as school portraits, school store, Family Fitness Night (Dodge ball), Yearbook, and Box Tops for Education to name a few. They also grant money for special projects and field trips.

The PTSA is made up solely of volunteers. It takes hundreds of volunteer hours to organize, arrange and work the above events. Volunteers are the key to the PTSA's success. Volunteering can mean anything from being a Chairperson of an event to folding flyers at home. The amount of time you volunteer is up to you. It is a wonderful way to meet other parents, school faculty and the students. By joining the PTSA, it means that you are able to attend and vote at all General Members meetings. It also means that you have a voice in your child or children's school and are involved in decisions concerning the above events. Membership information and applications are available at the school office. Your participation makes a difference!




Ramstein MS

Ramstein MS

Unit 3242
APO, AE 09094-3242

Phone: 011-49-6371-47-7104
Fax: 011-49-6371-44164

DSN Phone: (314) 480-7104

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.


School Hours:

Entry:  8:04
Dismissal:  2:50

Summer Hours:


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