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Curriculum and Programs

Instructional Program

Our instructional program offers Reading, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Health, Physical Education, Art, Music, FLES: Spanish, Computer Education, and  Library/Reference Skills.

Our basic curriculum is enhanced by enrichment activities. These are offered after school in addition to the regular curriculum, and need strong volunteer support for their success. These consist of a variety of clubs such as Music Club, Astronomy Club, Gardening Club, and more.  Each school year the clubs vary based on interest and sponsor availability.


We also offer the following resource specialists during school:

Our counselor can assist in helping a child adjust to the school setting. The counselor can also provide information about additional professional help and services available within the school system or through local agencies.

Parents are encouraged to inform the counselor and classroom teacher when there is a deployment, family crisis such as divorce, death in the family, serious illness, or adjustments to a stepfamily. This enables the counselor and teacher to provide a solid support system for your child during difficult times.

Speech-Language Pathologist:
Children needing assistance in oral communication skills due to either speech difficulties or having limited language development skills are assisted by this specialist as determined by the Case Study Committee (CSC).

Learning Impaired Specialist:
This specialist as deemed necessary by the Case Study Committee (CSC) assists children requiring special academic support.

Information Specialist:
The Information Specialist provides instruction in the use of the Media Center as well as in other Language Arts areas. The Information Specialist also orders, catalogues and maintains all library books and audio/visual materials and equipment.

Gifted Specialist:
Special enrichment classes are offered for many of our students who demonstrate high levels of achievement or talent, or are academically motivated.

Math and Reading Coaches
The coaches provide classroom teachers with resources, support, and professional development catered to individual, grade-level, or schoolwide needs and interests for reading and mathematics curriculum and instruction.


Parents and/or teachers may refer a student to any of the specialists listed above. For more information, please feel free to discuss this with your child’s teacher or contact the office for more information.

Aukamm ES

Aukamm ES

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APO, AE 09005

Phone: 011-49-611-7056260/1
Fax: 011-49-611-561272

DSN Phone: 337-6260/1
DSN Fax: 561-272

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

DoDEA Curriculum

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