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School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The School Advisory Committee is an organization that fosters participation in school affairs by members of the school and military communities and provides a coordinated process to address and resolve issues at the lowest practical level. SAC members advise the school principal on school matters, deal with issues brought to their attention by the school community, and establishes goals and objectives for the academic year.

SAC is composed of parents who are elected to the committee from the elementary, middle and high school sections, as well as professional school staff members. The School Advisory Committee also includes certain nonvoting liaison members including the school principal, school liaison officer, military garrison representative (or commander) and sometimes student representatives.

SAC meetings are held at least four times a year and notices are sent to parents prior to each meeting. These meetings are public meetings, though they are not meetings of the public. Parents and staff members are encouraged to attend SAC meetings to learn more about school programs and issues, and are invited to submit items to SAC members to be placed on the meeting agendas.

You will find an “Issue Input” form at the bottom of this page. Feel free to submit an issue if there is something you’d like the SAC to address. Simply fill out the form and drop it by the main office at the school. We hope that you and your family have a great experience here at Hainerberg Elementary School.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

What does the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) do for Hainerberg Elementary?
Here are some of the things we did for the school year 2009-2010

What is the Hainerberg Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)?
The PTO is made of parents who volunteer their time and effort each school year to running programs and activities (not covered by DoDDS-Europe) for the Hainerberg Elementary school community.

The PTO is managed by the Executive Board, and activities are run by the Committees. Committee Chairpersons call on PTO volunteers or at-large parent volunteers for assistance with events.

All funds raised by the PTO go back into the school community. Specifically, PTO monies help fund activities, events, and programs.

How do I become a member of the PTO?
Complete a membership form and pay the fee to join the PTO. You can be:

  • a general volunteer
  • a committee member
  • a committee chairperson, or
  • a member of the Executive Board

Not only will you and your child(ren) benefit, but so will the entire school community. And remember, this is all experience you can add to your resume!

Fill out a Membership Registration form at the school

  • Individual Membership fee: $3
  • Family Membership fee: $5

Submit the entire form and payment in an envelope marked "PTO Membership" by:

  • sending to school with your child
  • dropping in the PTO Postbox in front office
  • handing to any PTO board or committee member

You can get a Membership Registration form at the front office. Look for them in the brochure stand under the PTO Postbox.

Where is the PTO located?
The PTO works out of the "PTO Room" which is Rm. 116. Executive Board meetings are held there each month; general membership meetings are usually held in a bigger conference room or in the library as needed. The PTO is only as successful as we parents make it. Why not join us—and make a difference in the HES community!

Parent Volunteers

Education is a shared school-community enterprise. Many parents and other members of the community generously give of their time, talents and skills to enrich the school program.

If you are interested, you may:

  1. Serve on curriculum development/school improvement committees
  2. Assist school nurse and other specialists
  3. Help with lunch/playground supervision
  4. Share special talents and expertise in curricular and/or occupational fields (i.e. arts/crafts, music, career awareness, physical education, science and technical fields, study of other cultures, etc.)
  5. Providing special assistance for individual and/or small groups of students (i.e. tutoring), and a number of other special tasks
  6. If you are interested in making a commitment of your time to volunteer in the school, please contact the main office for more information
Hainerberg ES

Hainerberg ES

Unit 24305 Box 86
APO, AE 09005

Phone: 011-49-611-705-2220
Fax: 011-49-611-74123

DSN Phone: 337-2220

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.