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Hainerberg ES Eligibility, Enrollment, and Registration

Edit Re-registration for next school year will begin in late May.  It is mandatory that parents re-register their child/children.  Please call the office for the exact times, dates, and locations. The re-registration process is a very simple one that will take only a few minutes to complete.

The early withdrawal date is May 19. For more information see the following memorandums:

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Registration Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Telephone: DSN: 335-5355
Civilian: 0611-408-0354

Early Childhood, Sure Start - Boy Walking to schoolRegistration

Sponsors are required to present the following items to complete pre-registration:

  • Orders and Documents from your command/CPO showing change in duty status (i.e. extended DEROS date, reassignment, new unit address, hire status, joint travel agreement, RAT, retirement, added dependents, etc.).   The rear detachment personnel office needs to validate, by form, that the sponsor is delayed (outside of the rotation date if orders are not available).
  • Verification of Employment from CPO for Local Hire Sponsors (required annually).
  • Official School Waiver for personnel who live outside of the School Busing Zone (SBZ). If you are not certain about your SBZ status, please call the School Bus Registration Office. If you live outside the Hainerberg ES SBZ, you must first contact the local elementary school principal to request a waiver to attend a school outside of the Hainerberg School Busing Zone

School Medical Record Screening: Immunizations MUST be up-to-date prior to preregistration.

As per DoDDS regulations, your child/children will be placed in a "hold" status and can not attend school until inoculations are current.

The Wiesbaden Medical Clinic will validate that shots are up-to-date and provide the form stating such.

Please call the school if you have questions about up-dates.

Young Student PaintingGrades Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade

In order for students to make the grade level deadline they must be:

  • Age 5 by September 1st to enter Kindergarten
  • Age 6 by September 1st to enter 1st grade

In order to ensure proper registration, a completed form 600 must be filled out. This form ensured that all parent sponsor, and emergency contact information is up to date in the event of an emergency, etc.

The process of registration is very straightforward. We have a Nurse's office, as well as the Registrar's office. The nurse will verify all immunization records to make sure that they are up to date prior to starting school. You may also need to stop by the School Bus Station/Office (if your child intends to ride the bus).

A form 600 is also needed for bus transportation. Upon registration completion, you will be provided with a copy of your form 600 to take to the Bus Transportation Office. For more information on bus transportation for your child, please call DSN 335-5382 or Civilian 0611-408-0382.

If the registration process for your child is completed by 10:30 am, then they may start school the following day. If the registration process is completed after 11:00 am, then they will not be able to begin classes until the second day post registration. (Example: If you register your child at 11:45 am on a Monday morning, then they will begin class on Wednesday at the start of the school day.)

The following items will be required of sponsors to complete the registration process:

  1. Immunizations for all children are required.
    They must be up-to-date. This immunization form will be completed by the Wiesbaden Health Clinic - be sure to visit this clinic before attempting the school registration process. Our school's nurse will validate that the shot records are updated.
  2. Personnel Action of Sponsor is necessary with new DEROS date on your orders or a letter of extension from your commander if your DEROS has expired and your tour of duty has been extended.
    If your orders have expired and new orders were not issued to date, bring a document from your Unit Command that validates that you are in a:
    • REVOKED Orders (Involuntary Extensions Orders - Stop Movement Orders)
    • Continued Overseas Tour (COT) status
    • Foreign Station Tour Extension (FSTE) Orders.
    • Document must be signed by the sponsor's Personnel Office ahead of the registration process.
  3. Verification of Employment from CPO, if you are a local hired employee (This is required every year).
    Sponsors who are NOT on a Transportation Agreement and are NOT authorized to receive a Living Quarters Allowance will be classified as Space Available
  4. Official School Waiver for the personnel who live outside of the school-busing zone
    Coordinate first with the local elementary school principal before you attempt any other school registration processes.

If you do not have a current set of orders: Refer to the attachments for the form that you may need.

The Hainerberg Elementary School will continue to register newly arrived students at the Hainerberg Registrar's Office.

Early Childhood, Sure Start - Reading with studentSure Start Registration

Sure Start registration for possible enrollment will begin for the upcoming school year during the month of April. Please note that applications are accepted on a continual basis until as late as the following April for consideration.

Program Statement:

The Sure Start Program is based on the successful Head Start program implemented for those needing more time and attention to achieve school readiness.


All Sure Start students must be command sponsored. In order to keep the program consistent with the DoDDS Kindergarten enrollment dates, 4 year-olds considered for Sure Start must have a birth date on or before September 1st, of that school year. Four year olds whose sponsor is equivalent of E-9 and below may apply for enrollment in Sure Start. Priority will be given to students whose sponsors' rank is E-1 to E-4 or GS 1 to GS 4. Considerations for enrollment include one or more of the following conditions:

  • Child in a family with E-1 to E-4 or GS-1 to GS-4 income (first priority)
  • E-5 to E-6 or GS-5 to GS-6 (second priority)
  • E-7 to E-9 or GS-7 to GS-9 (third priority)
  • Child of low birth weight – under 5lbs 8 ozs.
  • Child has a parent whose primary language is not English
  • Child has a parent who was a teenager when first child in family was born
  • Child is n family headed by a single parent
  • Child has three or more siblings close in age range
  • Child has a sibling with a severe diagnosed disability
  • Child has a parent who has not graduated high school
  • Child is from a dual military family
  • Child has a parent that has separated from the family due to military reassignments giving the remaining parent an extension at the present locale


Students enrolled in the Sure Start Program are selected by the Sure Start Advisory Committee, which includes school and base services personnel. Once the child is selected for enrollment into the program, the detailed registration process will begin.

Enrollment once the child is accepted and parents notified

The following items will be required of sponsors to complete the registration process:

  1. Immunizations for all children entering the Sure Start Program are required. Students must be 4 years of age on or before 1 September, of that school year. Immunizations must be up-to-date and officially approved by the Hainerberg Elementary School Nurse.
    Your first stop will be at the Nurse's office with your child's immunizations records, medical and dental records. Once the School Nurse has approved and accepted all records, the parent will be sent to the registrar's office.
  2. Completed enrollment application, with the sponsor's signature.
    Applications will be available at the school administrative office after 04 April.
  3. A copy of original orders.
    Orders that include the dependent's authorization to travel. If the child is not on the original orders, a letter from your unit commander is necessary. The intent of the letter from the unit commander is to validate that the child is under your care as a SOFA status member.
  4. Verification of dependent.
    If the child was born in Japan or Korea, and doesn't have a U.S. passport, you will need to present a legal document indicating that you are the legal guardian of the child.
  5. Personal Action with the most recent DEROS date contained within the orders.
    If your DEROS has expired and your tour of duty has been extended, we will need a letter of extension from your commander.
  6. A copy of the SF50 and Verification of Employment from the Wiesbaden CPO.
    If you are the sponsor and you are a locally hired employee, you will need to provide this form.
  7. Your child's birth certificate of current passport.
    You will need one of these documents to validate the birth date of your child. Children of sponsors who are NOT on a Transportation Agreement and/or NOT authorized to receive a Living Quarters Allowance will be classified as Space Available.

When the parent has completed all necessary paperwork and the school’s nurse and registrar have cleared the required paperwork, the Sure Start Teacher will then be notified by the Hainerberg School Nurse.

Once notified by the school nurse, the teacher will contact the parent(s) for a required Home Visit.

Once the Home Visit is complete, the child is will be ready to begin with the Sure Start Program.


The registration office's hours of operation are: Monday to Friday from 0800 to 1530

  • DSN: 335-5355 or Civilian: 0611-408-0354

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