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School Handbook: Policies & Procedures

Attendance Policy

Excused Absence Procedure

It is our expectation that students will be in regular attendance as it is critical to success in school. When there is an absence, it is considered excused or legitimate when it is with the consent and knowledge of parents and is unavoidable. Such absences include but are not limited to: sickness, medical and dental appointments, administrative appointments, school activities, and occasional family trips.

Sponsors must call or send an email to the SAO before 10:00 am when students are absent at DSN 335-5347 or CIV 0611-408-0347.You can also send an email to whs.attendance@eu.dodea.edu, which will count as a written note for readmittance. When emailing please include your contact information and the attendance clerk will call back for confirmation. NOTES ARE STILL REQUIRED ON THE MORNING OF THE STUDENTS RETURN TO SCHOOL AND SHOULD INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:

  • Current date and date of absence
  • Student name and grade
  • Specific reason for absence
  • Sponsor daytime phone number and official email
  • Sponsor signature

For extended absences, further explanatory documentation may be required. Upon presenting their note the student is issued an EXCUSED READMIT form. The student is responsible for acquiring signatures from ALL of the teachers whose classes were missed. The last teacher to sign the form holds it and returns it to the Student Affairs Office for review and filing. Students are responsible for making up the classroom work missed during an excused absence. The make-up period for excused absences equals the same number of days as the length of the absence.

When a student misses all or part of the day a note must be presented to the Student Affairs Office BEFORE MORNING CLASSES BEGIN. For absences of up to three days, a written note from the student’s parent or sponsor is sufficient. An email from the sponsor is also considered a valid written note.

Unexcused Absence Procedure

An absence is considered unexcused when the student

  • Is truant
  • Does not have a valid written note to present at the time the READMIT FORM is issued
  • Oversleeps
  • Has transportation difficulties (not including late school busses)
  • Is babysitting
  • Is on Non-family or Non-school related trips

Unexcused Absences, Skipping and Truancy

After School Detention (ASD) is assigned when an absence is determined to be unexcused or if a student returns to school without a valid note. Students have two days to provide an authorized excuse for the absence (via a note, parent phone call, or an email from an official mailbox. Once confirmed, the ASD is excused.

School Activities and Excused Absences

Study Trips

Students participating in class study trips must have a permission form completed by sponsors and returned to the teacher sponsor at least two days prior to the scheduled trip. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for make-up work PRIOR to taking the study trip. Parents with questions about the nature of a study trip should contact the sponsoring teacher directly. Parents are encouraged to participate as chaperones! TEACHERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR STUDENTS ON AUTHORIZED SCHOOL STUDY TRIPS.

Class Trips

So-called “Senior Trips” or other “Class Trips” are not sponsored, authorized, sanctioned or excused by the school. Senior “skip days” will be dealt with as unexcused absences and may lead to not participating in graduation ceremonies.

Leaving School During the School Day

Students, regardless of age, who need to leave the school during the day, must report to the SAO with an appropriate written excuse or appointment slip to receive approval to leave the school and to sign out. Failure to do so will result in a designation of truancy. We appreciate all efforts for medical appointments be scheduled so as to avoid conflict with classes. Students who return to school or who arrive after 0800 must be signed in by a parent or guardian in the SAO before reporting to class, even if they return between classes or during lunch. Students who become ill must report to the school nurse before going home. Students are not authorized to leave school without the sponsor’s permission. If the student does not sign out it is considered truancy. STUDENTS 18 YEARS OR OLDER MUST COMPLY WITH SCHOOL PROCEDURES! STUDENTS MAY NOT SIGN IN OR OUT WITHOUT PARENTAL PERMISSION REGARDLESS OF AGE.


The expectation at Wiesbaden High School is that students attend class prepared and on time. Students who are chronically tardy create disruption and are subject to disciplinary action as outlined below. Students who were previously absent and neglect to get an admit slip will be sent to the SAO and charged a tardy.

Wiesbaden HS

Wiesbaden HS

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Phone: 011-49-611-705-2260
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It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.