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School Handbook: Policies & Procedures

Student Conduct and Discipline

Wiesbaden High School’s DISCIPLINE POLICY is intended to define and interpret key points within the scope of DoDDS Regulation 2051.1, but is not intended to supersede it in content or intent. Additional administrative action which may be taken by the Army Civilian Misconduct Action Authorities in cases of misconduct on school grounds or while participating in a DoDDS-sponsored event are identified in USAREUR Regulation 27-9.

Applicability of School Rules

Rules apply to the entire school day, including lunchtime. Rules apply twenty-four hours during multi-day events on or off campus, study trips or when the school is hosting other students.

Class 1 Offenses:
Disruptive Behaviors in the Classroom and Common Areas

Examples: Electronic devices (cell phone, iPod), Dress Code Violation, Taunting (name calling, play fighting, etc.), Violation of Class rules and Expectations (no materials, repeated failure to do homework, chronic unpreparedness, cheating, 3rd tardy, lack of self-discipline), Poor Self-management (Littering, lying, public display of affection, throwing objects, inappropriate language, running in halls, excessive talking, refusal to comply to a reasonable request, conduct inappropriate to activity).


  1. Classroom consequences according to the teacher’s management plan (warnings confiscations, detentions, parental contact, etc.).
  2. Repeated offenses may be forwarded to administration in cases when an individual fails to correct behavior in response to teacher consequences.
  3. Consequences for repeated behaviors may be detention or elevated to suspension (ISS or OSS).

NOTE: Offenses occurring in “common area” (hallways, study trips, assemblies) may result in restriction from future assemblies/trips, etc.

Class 2 Offenses:
Disruptive, Rude, Inappropriate, and Repeat Offenses

Examples: Repetitive Class 1 Offenses, Property Violations (loss of/ damage to school property, damage or defacing property of others) Violation of truancy, forgery, profanity, Disrespectful Behavior Toward Adults (defiance, insubordination, name calling, leaving class without permission, skipping ASD), Disrespectful Behavior Toward Other Students (bullying, threatening, push/shove/slap in anger), Gang Related (in possession of gang materials, hand signs, gang affiliation ), Administrative Offenses (truancy, forgery of school notes, smoking, found in restricted areas).


  1. 2-3 days detention based on accumulated patterns or seriousness of behavior.
  2. 1-2 days suspension to include community service.
  3. Second suspension may be elevated to a 2-5 days suspension. Suspension notifications will be sent to the community commander. The second notification of suspension for truancy/tardiness will be routed through the community commander to the sponsor’s chain of command. Monetary restitution will be requested if appropriate for property damage.

Class 3 Offenses:
Behaviors That Impact on the Lives and/or Safety of Others

Examples: Repetitive Class II Offenses, Drug Related (Possession to include alcohol and tobacco) Harmful Devices (Possession of firecrackers, laser pens) Theft, Sexual Harassment (as defined by DoD policy), Elevated Gang Related (hazing, initiation, fighting, in possession of gang or gang related materials, flashing gang signs, vandalism as determined by the administration) Property Destruction, Assault of School Personnel.


2-10 days out of school suspension. The BSB Commander and the sponsor’s Chain of Command will be notified. Military Police will be notified as required. Monetary restitution will be requested if appropriate.

Class 4 Offenses:
Illegal Activity, Activity in Violation of Local Laws or Agency Regulations:

Examples: Weapons (Possession/use of weapons or anything used as a weapon), Drugs (dealing, distribution, use), Arson, Elevated Gang Related (fighting, vandalism), Threats (burn, bomb, destroy school property, false fire alarm), Battery of School Personnel, Unauthorized or illegal use of school computers (entering or down-loading unauthorized material, use of computers to communicate to harass or threaten, cyber bullying, willfully damaging computer software), Causing Physical Injury to Another (not in selfdefense) resulting in medical treatment.


5-10 days out of school suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion (or as determined by administration). The BSB commander and Civilian Misconduct Officer will be notified. For the first incidence of these offenses, notification is sent through the community commander to sponsor’s chain of command. Military police and other authorities will be notified as required. Monetary restitution will be requested if appropriate.

Discipline, Consequences and Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • A student who is suspended is ineligible to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular events, trips, competitions, etc., for the remainder of the week in which the suspension begins. A “week” is defined as the period from Monday through Sunday.
  • A student who is suspended will NOT participate in extra-curricular practices, events, trips, or competitions, on any day in which the suspension is still in effect.
  • Attendance at teacher or administrative detentions or work details supersedes attendance at ANY extracurricular practices and events.

Make-Up Work and Disciplinary Matters:

Students who are suspended are required to make up all work missed. Students are granted one day for make-up work completion for each day of suspension. Work is subject to a maximum 30% grade reduction.

Wiesbaden HS

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It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.