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School Handbook: Policies & Procedures

Dress Code

Appropriate dress and appearance not only make a good impression for our school and community, but also have a positive influence on overall school climate. A student is expected to dress in a manner that is not offensive to others, is not revealing, and does not cause a distraction within the academic environment. The Dress Code for Wiesbaden High School applies to all functions on campus property and during all school activities in other locations. The school Principal and Assistant Principal reserve the right to make judgments concerning the appropriateness of items of clothing not addressed in this policy. The school administration, the teachers, the military chain of command, and the parents will enforce this policy.

Our Expectation: Dress for Success!

Clothing will be clean, neat, serviceable (no holes, tears, slits deliberately cut, frayed, or ragged), and worn appropriately. Clothing will not create a distraction in the school or classroom. Students will exercise mature judgment in determining appropriate school attire.

  • Students will not be allowed to attend class if inappropriate clothing is worn to school. Parents will be notified immediately to bring in appropriate items of clothing. Items such as: sunglasses, hats, gloves, jackets, etc…. will be confiscated and can be reclaimed at the end of the day. Progressive consequences will apply to repeat offenses. Students should expect to store these items in their lockers at the beginning of the school day.
  • Extreme or provocative styles of dress, including clothing:
    • revealing cleavage
    • bare midriffs
    • mesh shirts or tops
    • tube tops
    • halter tops
    • tank tops
    • spaghetti straps
    • braless look
    • beach wear
    • tops of T-shirts designed as undergarments
    • low cut blouses; skirts
    • skirts made of see-through materials
    • skirt lengths
    • shorter than mid-thigh
    • gym shorts or shorts not considered dress shorts
    • sport tank tops worn alone (over a T-shirt is acceptable)
    • skirts or dresses with slits above mid-thigh
    • ill-fitting clothing-too large or too small
    • exposure of any underclothing (bras, underwear, sports bras)
    • backless or strapless dresses
    • pandex type dresses or shorts
    • pajamas; sleepwear
  • Clothing that encourages or promotes (including symbols and brand names): cigarettes and other tobacco products, beer, alcohol, drug use.
  • Clothing or accessories that:
    • depict or promote violence
    • have printed obscenities in graphics or words
    • suggest racial prejudice
    • depict sexual connotations
    This also includes:
    • spiked clothing and collars
    • metal chains attached to any article or clothing
    • pins and buttons
    • belt loops or wallets where the chain hangs loose from the body
  • Hats or any head covering (including stocking caps, do-rags, bandanas, nylons, hairnets, caps, sun visors), gloves, and sunglasses will not be worn in the school building at any time and are to be stored in the student's locker during the day.
  • Inappropriate footwear:
    • dress platform shoes are considered unsafe
    • bedroom slippers
    • shoes or boots that are manufactured with buckles (shoestrings, or clasps must be
    • buckled, clasped, or tied securely on the foot at all times)
    • Sport slides
  • Belts that are not secured inside belt loops. Pants without belt loops must be able to stay up at the waist without use of a belt. The waistline is defined as 2 inches below the navel. An extra long belt, where more than 6 inches of belt extends beyond the buckle is not acceptable.
  • Shorts, sweats, pants or hip huggers will not be pulled down below the waistline (2" below the navel) or sag regardless of what the student is wearing under or over them. Jumpers and overalls must be worn with all side fasteners buttoned or zipped and with both straps on the shoulders.
  • For appropriate length of shorts, dresses and skirts: extend both arms down beside the legs. The hemline should extend below mid-thigh, or measure not more than 5 inches above the middle of the kneecap.
  • Clothing, hats, bandanas or other paraphernalia that is worn in such a manner as to represent or indicate gang affiliation is not allowed, and includes the following:
    • A right or left shoe untied with laces hanging loose.
    • A right or left pants leg rolled up.
    • A glove worn on a right or left hand.
    • A right or left sock pushed down into the shoe/boot
    • All handkerchiefs/bandanas displayed (tied to a belt loop, wrapped & tied around a leg or arm, or hanging out of a pocket) to reflect gang affiliation.
    • Extra long belts or material used as a belt, where the length hangs on either the right or left side of the body.
    • "Paraphernalia" may include tattoos (should be covered), jewelry (including body pierced jewelry), hairdos, eyebrow shaving, etc….
    • Towels or T-shirts worn around the neck.
    • Gang related items will be confiscated by the school administration, reported to the Military Police, and returned only to the parents.
    • Any items associated with potentially illegal activities will be turned over to the Military Police.

School officials will ensure students conform to this Dress Code and follow Disciplinary Rules and Procedure as outlined in DODEA Regulations 2051.1 and the accompanying Wiesbaden High School Discipline policy . This Dress Policy is not intended to inhibit student's self-expression, but to ensure a safe, appropriate academic environment free from "fashion distractions."

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