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Wiesbaden, population 274,000, is the capital of the State of Hessen, it is 23 miles southwest of Frankfurt on the Rhine River, in the valley of central Germany's Taunus Mountains. Autobahn connections are available in all directions.

Living Overseas (Military Facilities)

Military recreational facilities include a bowling alley, ski club, gymnasiums, a movie theater, American Forces Radio and Television, as well as trips and tours through the USO. The Army Health Clinic in Wiesbaden accepts civilians on a space available basis. Except for emergencies, civilians are not eligible for dental care. English speaking German dentists are available in Wiesbaden/Mainz, but are typically less expensive than their stateside counterparts. Euros are used on the economy, while military and government facilities use dollars. Full banking services are available through the Community Bank and Andrews Federal Credit Union. ATMs are available on base and off. On the economy, volksmarching (hiking), indoor tennis, swimming, ice skating, bowling, operas, theaters, casinos, exhibition halls, antique/shopping markets, wine tasting, cross-country skiing, museums, and spas are available.

Teachers and Housing

Teachers are not eligible for government housing. Apartments and houses on the economy are available through Housing Referral or commercial agencies. Good apartments in Wiesbaden are sometimes difficult to find and generally expensive. Initial costs include a 2-month rent deposit or a fee, if a commercial rental agency is used. Rents vary from $1,500 to $2,000 and up based upon the value of the Euro against the U.S. dollar. Housing supply provides some furniture and large appliances, but some items are in short supply. You should ship your household goods. Electricity is 220 volts, 50 cycles. American appliances require a transformer, which can be purchased at post exchanges and thrift shops.


New or used vehicles may be purchased locally. Repair facilities are available for both American and foreign vehicles. Licensing and registration procedures are handled within the community. Commercial transportation is readily available (military shuttle bus, German buses, taxis). Wiesbaden connects with all local and major cities through an efficient rail and autobahn system. Wiesbaden is 35 minutes from Frankfurt International Airport.


Wiesbaden's Taunus Valley position produces moderate temperatures year round, rarely above 80 degrees or below 32 degrees. Heavy snowfalls are infrequent and melt rapidly. Overcast skies and rain are frequent.


Wiesbaden Garrison

Wiesbaden HS

Wiesbaden HS

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Wiesbaden HS

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