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About Our School

Bahrain Elementary School officially opened its doors August 25, 2011 as the newest school in the Department of Defense Schools, Europe. It is located in Juffair, Bahrain and shares the campus and facilities with Bahrain Middle High School. Our school serves children from all branches of the US military, Department of State, U.S. government service, Bahrain citizens, and thirteen other nationalities, kindergarten through fifth grade. The school's authority is interestingly complex in that we are a part of three governing bodies and must follow their regulations: local (Kingdom of Bahrain), state (DoDEA), and federal, (DOD). Our beautiful facilities have many unique features that set us apart from other DoDEA schools. The buildings and grounds are owned and maintained by BISA, Bahrain International School Association, and are completely surrounded by a tall concrete perimeter wall. Our on-site security team is comprised of Nepalese Ghurka soldiers who monitor the campus, inside and out, around the clock. Due to the desert climate, we have an artificial turf athletic field, a large canopy covered playground, and a swimming pool on campus.  The interior of BES is fully air-conditioned and houses spacious classrooms, office space for support teachers and specialists, a reception area, PTSO parent room, offices, two libraries, two gyms, a delicious cafeteria, computer lab, and a multi-purpose space called "Gill Hall". Our Gill Hall is home to our daily Morning Meetings and serves as a flexible, multi-purpose space for plays, presentations, as well as an indoor recess venue during the months of extreme heat.

In order to fully appreciate the school's wonderful strength of character, sense of purpose and community, you have to understand an interesting bit of its history. Prior to school year 2011-2012, Bahrain School was a K-12 unit school that had a variety of leadership and leadership styles--- from British headmasters to US Navy admirals to DoDDS administrators. Bahrain ES is shaped by both its past and our vision of the future.

Shamal (The Eagle)

Red, White and Blue

School Song

“To BES we GO….” (to the tune of “Over the River and Through the Wood”)

Up the stairs and through the halls,

To BES we go

Shaamal knows the way

To get the A

And have fun through the day-a

Science, host nation, P.E., art, music, and social studies too.

We are the Eagle prepare to soar

With Red and White and Blue

BES School Song written by the 2011-2012 B.E.S.T. Choir



Bahrain ES

Bahrain ES

PSC 851 Box 690
FPO, AE 09834-0007

Phone: 011-973-1771-9829
Fax: 011-973-1772-5714

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.