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    PCS Information

    Moving to Our Community


    School Level PCS Checklist

    School level PCS checklist of items to have before leaving your current school. Edit following list for parents as required by school:

    • Immunization record
    • Passport or birth certificate for kindergarten
    • Child's SS #
    • Copy/official transcript
    • Copy of IEP if applicable
    • Copy of withdrawal grade with grading system from previous school
    • Copy of standardized test score if applicable
    • Copy of current school schedule (HS students)
    • Copy of student handbook (helpful for our schools to interpret transcripts)
    • Course descriptions (if not in handbook)
    • Student resume or list of extra curricular activities (HS)

    Bahrain ES

    Bahrain ES

    PSC 851 Box 690
    FPO, AE 09834-0007

    Phone: 011-973-1771-9829
    Fax: 011-973-1772-5714

    It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.