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About Us

Welcome to the Mediterranean District. We proudly serve approximately 6,000 students in American military communities with command structures from the Army, Navy, Air Force and NATO. Our district extends from southern Spain to northern Italy to eastern Turkey to the small country of Bahrain and to the tiny island of Terceira, Azores, Portugal. Our students enjoy unique opportunities to experience modern and ancient cultures. These include colorful Spanish festivals, Carnivale in Venice, Greek-Roman ruins in Sicily, picturesque villages in Tuscany, archeological sites in Bahrain, and the historical religious sites in Turkey. Students take advantage of the rich cultural and educational experiences that are offered in the Mediterranean District.

Our Mission

To Provide an Exemplary Education that Inspires and Prepares All DoDEA Students for Success in a Dynamic, Global Environment.

Our Vision

The Mediterranean District Superintendent's Office (DSO) will lead and support high quality teaching, safe and successful 21st century learning anytime...anywhere.


From the Superintendent

Dear Students and Parents, Community and Commands, Educators and Support Staff:

As the new Superintendent of the Mediterranean District, I am delighted to welcome you to another school year! Last year was an extraordinarily busy one, with many challenges, and this year seems to be headed in the same direction--only faster!  However, I am sure that, with the tremendous expertise and great efforts of all our administrators, teachers, and support staff, we will prevail on all fronts.  I am counting on the continued dedication and good will of everyone in our wonderful district so that all our students receive the very best educational opportunities possible.

Having come to the Mediterranean District from the Isles District, and now having spent over two years here as the Assistant Superintendent, I am fully aware of the various country requirements, cultural differences, logistic problems, and extraordinary challenges you are facing.  One of my major goals is to guarantee that each of our 18 schools in the five countries comprising our district has a smooth and very successful year.  In order to do that, however, I need to open and frequent communication with all of you.  Equally important is that I am very fortunate to be working with a veteran leadership team, knowledgeable and productive educators, and a finely honed District Office staff.

What awaits us this year?  Aside from the ever-present funding hurdles, we are looking at important military transitions in Rota, Vicenza, and possibly Sigonella.  Where other districts are facing closures or "drawdowns, " the Mediterranean District is facing significant student increases due to military adjustments around the globe within the next two years.  We already are seeing significant use of the Video Teleconference (VTC) in all areas--for training and interactive meetings.  Strong security measures will remain in place throughout the district, and our Safety & Security Officers will be keeping close watch on potential problem areas.  Our most important goals are to provide all our students with challenging 21st Century educational opportunities in safe and solid environments, guaranteeing their highest achievements in all aspects of school life.

I will be visiting your schools and look forward to meeting you.

Mr. Kent Worford
Superintendent Mediterranean District