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Superintendent: Kent Worford


Mr. Kent Worford has served in DoDEA as an administrator, educator and coach for almost twenty five years. He has been the Superintendent of the Mediterranean District since August 2012. The Superintendent's office is located in Northern Italy, while the district spans over four countries, three time zones and is serving 6600 students of sixteen schools at the United States Army, Navy and Air Force installations.

Mr. Worford has an extensive educator experience and he has held a wide range of positions within DoDEA. Prior assuming the current position, Mr. Worford served as the Assistant Superintendent of the Mediterranean District, Principal and Assistant Principal of the Lakenheath High School in England, and Assistant Principal at the SHAPE Elementary School in Belgium. As an educator, he has been teaching Social Studies and Business Administration, while balancing academics with being a Head Coach in football, basketball and track. Mr. Worford holds a Master's Degree in Education and Educational Administration from the University Southern Mississippi, and a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Education from the University of Kansas.

Mr. Worford is committed to DoDEA vision to enrich the lives of military-connected students. He is passionate about educating, engaging and empowering each student to succeed, while the safety, security and wellbeing of students and school communities are his top priorities. Under his leadership, the District Office is providing support, guidance, resources and quality control to ensure that students' academic, social and emotional needs have been met.

Community Superintendent: Steven L. Sanchez (Vicenza)

Steven Sanchez

Mr. Steven L. Sanchez has 29 years of experience as an educator and 23 years with DODEA. Mr. Sanchez is currently the Community Superintendent of the Mediterranean District after serving two years as the Heidelberg District Assistant Superintendent. In his present position, Mr. Sanchez has the responsibility of working at the MED DSO to support the mission of the Mediterranean District. He has also served on the European Athletic Council, the Transcript Review Team, Senior Advisory Leadership Group and co-chair of the SAT Committee for DODEA. Mr. Sanchez was the Kubasaki High School principal in Okinawa, Japan from 2006-2010. . During his tenure as principal, he added Advanced Placement courses and Career and Technical Education courses to the Kubasaki curriculum while graduating 99% of its seniors from 2007-2010. Mr. Sanchez served on the Far East Activities Council and the Okinawa Activities Council as well as serving on the DODEA Guidance Counseling Task Force from 2007-2009.

In 2002 Mr. Sanchez was promoted to principal of Yokota Middle School in mainland Japan. Also in 2002, Mr. Sanchez received the Commander's Award for Civilian Service from the Department of the Army. While in Yokota, Mr. Sanchez was the coordinating principal of the Yokota schools, assisted in coordinating athletics and served as chairperson for the Kanto Plains Association of Middle School Principals.

In 1997 Mr. Sanchez was selected as the Assistant Principal of Vicenza American High School. In 1990 he joined DODEA and moved with his family to Italy where he began teaching Spanish and Social Studies at Vicenza American High School. In addition to Spanish, Mr. Sanchez is also fluent in Italian. Mr. Sanchez earned his Master's Degree in Education from Framingham State College of Framingham, Massachusetts in 1996. That same year he entered the Aspiring Leader's Academy in DODEA, which he completed the following year.

Mr. Sanchez began his high school teaching career in 1984 teaching Spanish and Physical Education in Vallejo, California. A native of Loomis, California, Mr. Sanchez graduated with Honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1984 with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Spanish. As an undergraduate he studied during the 1982-1983 school year at the University of Madrid.

Steve and his wife Rosanna have three children. Vicente graduated Columbia University in 2012. Mateo attends the University of Maryland. Their daughter Giulia is 10 years old and is in the fourth grade.

Community Superintendent: Carl Albrecht (Naples)

Carl Albrecht Carl Albrecht is the new Community Superintendent to the Mediterranean District Team. He is also new to the 'newly' created position in the Naples Satellite Office located in Naples, Italy. Still a part of the Med DSO growing out of the DoDEA restructuring to have instructional leaders closer to military communities. This office will serve directly families and schools located at the 4 Navy sites of Bahrain, Sigonella, Rota, and Naples. The school located at Moron AFB in Spain will also be in the Satellite footprint. Albrecht is by no means new to any of DoDEA and has served as a teacher, school administrator, and at district offices in Japan, Korean, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Mediterranean where his heart is, wife Lucia. They have two sons, graduates of Bahrain Unit School and London Central MHS/D. Albrecht is from Michigan, a graduate of MSU and later Boston University. When asked what assignment was the best, " . . .they all are. Even the year deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan."(He earned the Civilian Superior Service Award.) The motto that guides his professional behavior comes from Robert F. Kennedy: If no one is in your way, you're not going anywhere. I am proud to be a part of DoDEA.