DoDEA Europe

Mailing Address:
DoDEA Europe, Office of the Director
Unit 29649
APO, AE 09136

Local: 0611-143-545-1503
From U.S.: 011 (49) 611-143-545-1503
DSN: (314) 545-1503

Local: 0611-143-545-1546
From U.S.: 011 (49) 611-143-545-1546
DSN: (314) 545-1546


How do I register my child with a DoDEA Europe school?

School registration is an annual requirement by DoD Regulation to determine continued eligibility for school enrollment. You can pre-register your child on line with the DoDEA Europe Online Registration System. You will still be required to visit the school to sign documents, but having pre-registered will save you time because the data you entered online will be used to populate the forms. To find out more information about registration in general, visit our School Registration page.

How is eligibility determined? What are the different enrollment categories?

DoDEA determines enrollment and eligibility policy. DoDEA Europe is responsible to disseminate that policy to all schools. Eligibility is determined by the supporting documentation of the sponsor, and enrollment will be in one of the following categories:

  • Space Required, Tuition Free
  • Space Required, Tuition Paying
  • Space Created, Tuition Paying
  • Space Available, Tuition Paying, Federally Connected
  • Space Available, Tuition Free
  • Space Available, Tuition Paying, Non-Federally Connected
You can find additional information to include the latest eligibility and enrollment handbook, tuition rates and forms on our Enrollment and Eligibility page.


What kind of curriculum does DoDEA Europe offer?

DoDEA Europe offers K-12 educational programs in core areas of Reading/English/ Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, as well as Assistive Technology, AVID, CSP/NCA/PD, Early Childhood, Education Program Assistance, Educational Technology, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages/Host Nation/ESL, Gifted Education, Health Education, Information Centers, JASON Project, JROTC, Musical Instrument Repair, Physical Education/Athletics, Professional Technical Studies, and Special Education. Student academic, fine arts and athletic activities supplement the basic curriculum. For more information visit our Curricular Activities page.

What if I am stationed in an area where there isn't a DoDEA Europe school?

The DoDEA Europe Non-DoD Schools Program has the responsibility to support educational services at government expense to authorized command-sponsored dependents of military members and DoD civilian employees assigned to overseas areas where no DoDEA school is available within the commuting area. You can find out more information to include how to apply for funding, minimum age requirements, home schooling options, etc. on our Non-DoD School Program page.

How is the school year calendar determined?

Calendars for DoDEA Europe are first set by DoDEA headquarters in coordination with our staff, superintendents, and teacher unions. Next each district establishes school calendars within each complex of schools so that all schools in a complex, Elementary, Middle and High for example, take the same days off.

Schools are required to meet a minimum number of days in order to maintain their national accreditation status. Major differences can occur in the establishment of calendars depending upon the location of the school. For example, schools in Bahrain and Brussels, because of their location, have different days off for religious and national days.

You can view the DoDEA Europe School Calendars or contact your local school for specific information.


What is your homework policy?

According to the DoDEA Homework Policy Letter (2000.9), the development of study skills must be an integral part of DoDEA regional, district, and school educational policies. DoDEA strongly supports the philosophy that homework is a necessary adjunct to school life, which serves different purposes according to the student's grade level. On average students in Grades 1-3 will receive 2-4 hours of homework per week; Grades 4-6 will receive 5-6 hours per week; Grades 7-8 will receive 7-9 hours per week; and Grades 9-12 will receive 10-15 hours of homework per week. Homework assignments are reinforcements for classroom curricular areas and are assigned to support student learning as appropriate for the ability of the student. Assigned homework will reinforce instruction accomplished in class; it will not introduce new or unfamiliar concepts or skills. Homework assignments shall be designed to meet the needs and abilities of individual students. The burden that homework places on a student will be considered when assignments are made. In making homework assignments, consideration should be given to school events and other subject area requirements.

What action should I take if I feel too much homework is being assigned to my child?

The recommendation is that first you talk with the teachers or the guidance counselor to clarify any particular situations that may exist. This course of action would not be out of the ordinary as teachers are required to periodically discuss with students and their parents the student's academic progress, including performance on homework assignments. The next option would be to discuss the situation with the school's administrators. Administrators are required to implement the provisions of the homework policy as appropriate to the school and ensure that the school's policy is published and distributed to all students and parents. They will also plan for the periodic evaluation of homework policies with teachers, students, and parents.

Where are your schools located?

DoDEA Europe has 65 schools located throughout Europe. To see a list of schools divided by district, visit our Districts and Schools page. From there you can click on the maps link to get a general idea of locations.

I am a former DoDDS Europe student. How can I get a copy of my transcript?

The DoDEA Website has information on obtaining transcripts and student records.