Europe Student Athletics

Practice Starting Date: TBD

The DoDDS-E winter sports season begins the first weekend in December with a full slate of games and matches scheduled. Come out and support your teams!



On Monday, 15 November, players took to the courts to open the 2010-2011 basketball season. The opening date for games in Europe is 3 December. Teams will compete in a 14-game season followed by the 2011 European Championships. Once again, the site of the championships will be the Mannheim Military Community beginning on 23 February 2011. AFN will be broadcasting and streaming the 6 championship games on Saturday, 26 February.



Wrestlers across Europe will open their competitive season on December 4, after spending the month of November conditioning and honing their skills. Wrestlers will compete the first two weekends in December and will resume with regular season matches on January 15. On February 12, at four different sites in Europe, wrestlers will participate in a sectional qualifying tournament to earn a berth at the European Championships. The championships are scheduled for February 19 and 20 in Wiesbaden where 12 wrestlers in each of the 14 weight classes will compete for both individual and team titles.



Mark your calendar now so that you can attend the annual European Cheer Championships on February 26, 2011 in Mannheim. This event, in conjunction with the basketball championships, will provide all of the cheer teams here in Europe an opportunity to demonstrate their ability in both side-line cheer and competition cheer. During the scheduled basketball games, cheer teams will be judged on spirit and a variety of other elements to attain the title of “Most Spirited”. Then, on Saturday, teams will jump, flip and cheer their way to their Divisional Cheer Champion titles.


Ten schools across Europe will begin competition on December 4 as they shoot to earn a spot at the finals scheduled for January 29. Marksmanship requires patience, fortitude, and focus to be the best shooter in Europe as participants must shoot from three different positions; prone, kneeling and standing.