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SY 2010-2011 News and Features

Lakenheath students received 25 academic scholarships worth $38,000
June 10, 2011
Students received 25 academic scholarships worth $38,000 by the Enlisted, Officers' and Civilians' Spouses Club and other base organizations  ... »

Students celebrate the birthday of Grafenwoehr, Germany
June 3, 2011
American kids extend birthday wishes to German city of Grafenwoehr  ... »

Female Soccer Player
March 16, 2011
When the 2011 high school soccer season kicks off Saturday, there will be no lack of quality teams and quality players.  ... »

Robo Warriors
March 16, 2011
Twenty-eight high school students from Department of Defense Dependents Schools are heading to Las Vegas at the end of this month  ... »

Dr. Bresell with a young student
March 2, 2011
Today is a great day to have your child revisit his or her favorite book, take a trip to your local library and discover a new book, or  ... »

Womens History Month
March 1, 2011
Women's unique contributions to the history of our nation merit our utmost praise and attention.  ... »

Students using computer
October 19, 2010
They're brats and proud of it, and they're connecting on "Military Teen" a new website  ... »