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Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity

Mailing Address:
DoDEA Europe, Office of the Director
DMEO Office
Unit 29649
APO, AE 09136

DoDEA Europe EEO Specialist:
Local: 0611-143-545-1914
From U.S.: 011 (49) 611-143-545-1914
DSN: (314) 545-1914

DoDEA Europe EEO Counselor:
Local: 0611-143-545-1915
From U.S.: 011 (49) 611-545-1915
DSN: (314) 545-1915


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DMEO: Resources and Links

Please click on the attachments to learn about mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), how to request an accommodation for a disability and ways to keep your working environment free from sexual harassment.

Additional EEO-related links
(external sites):

Links for Federal Employees with Disabilities:


Policy letters and information regarding EEO and Prevention of Sexual Harrassment: