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From U.S.: 011 (49) 611-143-545-1999
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Local: 0611-143-545-1548
From U.S.: 011 (49) 611-143-545-1548
DSN: (314) 545-1548

"Open Continuous" Vacancies

School Level Position Recruitment

We use "Open Continuous Announcements" to fill a wide variety of positions located throughout our schools. When you complete an application package you select the positions and schools for which you'd like to be considered.  Your application remains active throughout the entire period indicated on the announcement. Openings throughout the duration of the announcement are filled using applications like yours. There is no guarantee if or when a specific position may become available.

  • Please review the Vacancy Announcements to determine the positions of interest for which you are qualified. 
  • Once your application is completed and processed by the Human Resources team you'll be considered for all of the openings for which you have been determined to be "qualified" at the schools you’ve selected.

Who May Apply

Individuals in the local commuting area who are:

  • Current career/career-conditional Federal employees in the competitive service.
  • Reinstatement eligible.
  • On an interchange agreement.
  • U.S. citizen family members.
  • Military spouse eligible.
  • Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) eligible.
  • 30% disabled veteran.

All Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA) and Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) eligibles may apply as well.

For additional information, please contact the DoDDS Europe HR Office.

Vacancy List

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Health Technician (OA)
Bahrain,Aviano Italy,Livorno Italy,Naples Italy,Sicily Italy,Vicenza Italy,Lajes Portugal,Rota Spain,Sevilla Spain,Adana Turkey,Ankara Turkey,Incirlik Turkey
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