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Europe Procurement Division

DoDEA Americas Procurement

Phone: 678-364-8019

DDESS Procurement serves as the procurement office for the DDESS Area Service Center and DDESS districts/schools without local procurement support. We also serve as the Agency Program Coordinator (APC) for the DDESS Government Purchase Card (GPC) program.

DoDEA Europe Procurement

Local: 06134-604-699
From U.S.: 011 49 6134-604-699
DSN: (314) 334-2699
Local: 06134 604-431
From U.S.: 011 49 6134-694-431
DSN: (314) 334-2431

Supporting excellence in education for our students and families by efficiently providing quality supplies, equipment, and services.

DoDEA Pacific Procurement

DSN: 644-5684
Local Phone:
Dial +81-98-911-5111, wait for dial tone then dial 644-5684
Calling from US:
Dial +1 (719) 567-1110 to reach the Global DSN operator and ask operator to connect to 315-644-5684

The DoDEA Pacific Procurement Division, located on Torii Station, Okinawa, is responsible for providing contracting support to the four districts and 48 DoDEA Pacific schools throughout Japan, Okinawa, Korea and Guam. Accomplishing this mission requires the procurement of a wide variety of commercial goods, services and construction requirements in excess of $80 million annually.

Legal Counsel

DoDDS Europe Procurement Division

Supporting excellence in education for our students and families by efficiently providing quality supplies, equipment, and services.

GPC Information

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Chief, DoDDS-E Procurement Division: (314) 334-2686

Team A

  • Chief/Supervisory Contracting Officer - DSN: 334-2511
  • Contract Specialist/KO - DSN: 334-2505
  • Security Requirements Contract Specialist - DSN: 334-2450
  • Contract Specialist PD2/KO - DSN: 334-2730
  • Mediterranean Contract Specialist - DSN: 334-2810
  • Tri-Border KO - DSN: 334-2506

Team B

  • Chief/Supervisory Contracting Officer - DSN: 334-2463
  • Facilities KO - DSN: 334-2773
  • Kaiserslautern/Heidelberg KO - DSN: 334-2805
  • Isles Contract Specialist - DSN: 334-2993
  • Bavaria Contract Specialist - DSN: 334-2490

Team C

  • Chief/Supervisory Contracting Officer - DSN: 334-2733
  • GPC A/OPC, Procurement Analyst, KO - DSN: 334-2504
  • GPC Specialist - DSN: 334-2500
  • GPC Specialist - DSN: 334-2699
  • IT KO - DSN: 334-2528
  • IT Contract Specialist - DSN: 334-2401
  • IT Contract Specialist - DSN: 334-2685

Important Links

Links to additional Procurement Information, including all Federal/DoD Contracting Regulations, and DoD Guidance on IMPAC.

Procurement Office Initiatives

Working with customer to facilitate advance planning for all requirements. This initiative includes market research and performance based work statements, and is constantly evolving to include more customer assistance initiatives. Contact the Contract Specialist for your District to obtain further information.