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Resource Management Division (RMO)

Mailing Address:

DoDDS Europe, Office of the Director
Resource Management Division
Unit 29649
APO, AE 09136  

Local: 0611-143-545-1597
From U.S.: 011 49 611-143-545-1597
DSN: (314) 545-1597

Resource Management Office
Chief/Financial Manager:
DSN: (314) 545-1597

Manpower/Management Assistant: 
DSN: (314) 545-1605

Enrollment & Eligibility: 
DSN: (314) 545-1508

Budget Branch
DSN: (314) 545-1599

DSO Budget POC:
DSN: (314) 545-1600

Local National Payroll POC:
DSN: (314) 545-1604

DTS Travel:
DSN: (314) 545-1602

calculator, pen, and balance sheet

DoDDS-Europe Resource Management Division

Supporting excellence in education by providing professional financial services including accounting, budgeting, payroll, and formal fiduciary reporting.


Tuition Rates and Schedules

Tuition rates are based on the employment status of the parent. Parents should contact their local school to find out the tuition rate that applies for their children, and the requirements for enrollment. Additional information can be found with our Enrollment and Registration information.

School Year Tuition Rates

These tuition rates apply to non-DoD students attending Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS):

Category Federally Connected Nonfederally Connected
PSCD and Sure Start Programs $11,592 $12,024
Full Day Kindergarten and Grades 1 - 6 $23,172 $24,036
Grades 7 - 8  $24,396  $25,296
Grades 9 - 12  $25,620  $26,568

Tuition rates are computed using the full cost recovery methodology in compliance with Government Accountability Office guidelines.


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