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Student Transportation: Eligibility

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It's All About Location!

The location of the family quarters, not the sponsor's place of duty or work, determines which school children attend and their eligibility for transportation.

Distance from the residence to the assigned school determines whether children walk to school or ride the bus. The standard for transportation of elementary students is more than one mile and for secondary students is over 1.5 miles. Slightly over one half of the 36,000 children attending DoD schools in Europe ride a school bus, with the other half walking or using other transportation.

The family residence also must be located within the school commuting area. Community Housing Referral Offices have information about each school commuting area and its boundaries.

Students enrolled in pre-Kindergarten and Sure Start programs and children with disabilities under an Individual Education Program (IEP) may receive specialized transportation services tailored to each child's special needs, based on age and/or IEP requirements.

School Bus Registration

The first step is to register children in the school.

Next is to visit the School Bus Office servicing the community schools. Both a parent and all students needing transportation should be present to register for transportation, receive a bus pass (usually with the student's picture), and to receive information or briefings on the route(s) stops and schedule, bus safety, and behavior standards and discipline rules.