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Ansbach Middle High School

Bavaria District

Name: Lauren Duplessie

What do you plan on doing after graduation?
I will be attending the University of Oregon currently my major is undeclared.

What are some of your favorite school memories that you will take with you as you move on to the next chapter of your life?
I will always remember attending the 2013 DoDDs-Europe Honor Music Festival, as a member of the choir. I will ever cherish this memory of an opportunity to make friends in music and to grow in both appreciation and passion for the arts. As I move on to college next year, I will take with me the memories of lessons learned from friends, family, and teachers alike. I will cherish the friends I've made and the sports and activities I've shared with them.

What will you miss most as you look back on your DoDDS-Europe overseas school experience?
I will miss being in such a close-knit, supportive community and I will especially miss the opportunities to travel with my friends and family around Europe. I have seen fantastic sights and I have learned so much more about the world in less than 2 years of being at a DoDDS-Europe school than I might have learned in ten years of study in just one place. Life here has been a learning, laughing, and loving experience and I will miss it all.

What advice would you give to the current underclassmen?
I would advise the current underclassmen never to allow fear or self doubt to take away from the opportunities offered them. I challenge them to broaden their horizons, and to pursue their passions, now, while they are still in high school and onward into the future. Most importantly, I would encourage them to look at how their lives may affect others; to make choices which will better the world around them; to act always in selfless service.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years, I simply see myself striving to make a difference. I want to inspire those who come after me to pursue their passions no matter the barriers or the costs and to encourage my peers to have a positive impact on the community and the world. In 10 years, whether I'm teaching music to a classroom of eager students or alternating odd jobs, I only hope to be giving my best every day.