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Lajes High School

Mediterranean District

Name: Emily Miller

What do you plan on doing after graduation?
I will be attending The University of Oklahoma majoring in Nursing.

What are some of your favorite school memories that you will take with you as you move on to the next chapter of your life?
Some of my favorite school memories would have to be Friday night football games. My freshman and sophomore year I was cheerleader and cheered at every game. I loved the spirit of the football players, the cheerleaders, and the crowd. My next favorite memory is my Junior prom. I went with my boy friend and two other couples and it was the whole traditional promenade. We took pictures, went to dinner, and arrived to the dance fashionably late. Also that night my date and I won prom prince and princess. It was wonderful time with friends. I will definitely not forget that night.

What will you miss most as you look back on your DoDDS-Europe overseas school experience?
I will miss being able to travel to Germany for different conferences and tournaments. Competing in these different competitions and interacting with students from all over the world has given me a chance that most high school students in the states don't get. Students at Lajes High School aren't able to interact with other schools, because of its location. Traveling to Germany allowed me to see what the other DoDDS-Europe schools are like. I've made friends from all over Europe that I'm sure I'll be friends with for many years in the future. But as I move on to college I will definitely miss those weeks I spent in Germany.

What advice would you give to the current underclassmen?
I would advise the current underclassmen to make school their main priority. It's easy for students to get caught up in drama and rumors when starting high school. These types of things take away student's attention and they do not succeed. By taking school seriously as an underclassman it instills that type of character for the remainder of high school.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In ten years I hope to be working in a hospital overseas. I want to travel and see the world and at the same time be able to help hospitals that have a low amount of medical staff. I have many ambitions for my future career, but I also see myself with a husband and maybe a child or two. At least I hope this is in my future for the next ten years. That way I'll be able to show my children the world as I work in different hospitals as a nurse.