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Garmisch EMS

Welcome to GEMS Parents and Students!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to school year 2016-2017 at Garmisch Elementary Middle School (GEMS)!  GEMS is an outstanding school for students to grow and prosper in a safe and nurturing environment. With our school vision stating that we are Growing Excellent Motivated Students, we are committed to the social, emotional and academic development of each child in the school. I am pleased to serve you and your child as principal this year, along with our amazing team of educators and support staff. In order to meet each student’s needs, our school practices Continuous School Improvement (CSI).  Every staff member is part of the CSI team and we value your involvement, as well as the involvement of our students in this process.

GEMS offers a rigorous, standards-based curriculum in the core subjects of science, math, language arts and social studies.  Last year, DoDEA adopted the College and Career Ready Standards for math for elementary school, and this year our system has adopted these standards K-12.  Additionally, DoDEA has adopted the new College and Career Ready Standards for literacy for grades 6-12. The core curriculum is complimented by art, music, introductory German language and culture, and PE for all students.  Additionally, our school has taken steps to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through various projects in all grades.  The staff has incorporated STEM with environmental and health education for our students over the past few years, and as a result of the significant work in this area, the school was recently recognized by the Department of Education as  a National Green Ribbon School. We will continue to incorporate projects in our classrooms this year in order to challenge students to think critically and creatively while working collaboratively with others. We will also challenge them to take more ownership of their learning.  Students will be challenged to set goals, assess their progress and share their achievements through Student Led Conferences.  Research shows that when students take ownership of their learning program, they will be better prepared for success in the future. Our goal is to ensure that all students succeed at GEMS, and are prepared for their next level of education.

The beginning of every new school year is an exciting time. We all want to start it right and give students the best possible beginning to help them make it a successful, productive, and happy year.  To this end, we will help both new and returning students understand their role in making GEMS a school that is free from teasing and bullying.  Central to all we do this year will be the focus on being kind, helpful and supportive of each other.  Please help us by reinforcing these expectations at home.  With your help, GEMS will continue to be a school community in which every person feels respected and valued, and is encouraged and challenged to achieve at the highest levels.

Again, welcome to the new school year at GEMS.  We recognize that without your support we will not be able to reach our full potential as a school.  Thank you in advance for your involvement in making this an even better place for all of our children in whatever way you can help.


David Groat

GEMS Vision: Growing Engaged Motivated Students

School Improvement Goal

All students at Garmisch Elementary Middle School will improve their reading proficiency

Garmisch EMS PrincipalDavid Groat